10 Merely Genius Ways to Utilize A Mixer

Oh, hi!

My name is Lindsay and I enjoy my mixer.

Now repeat after me: my name is ____ and I enjoy my mixer.

If this is your very first time here, you ought to understand that we are an individuals who enjoy our mixers, choppers, food mill, spiralizers, and so forth. And we have numerous tasty factors for this love which I will push in your face. PLEASE BE CONVINCED.

A few of you hear the word mixer and you consider a rubbery odor or a smoking cigarettes motor. Let’s simply state I have actually existed. Holy green healthy smoothie with chewy black rubber pieces in it, have I existed. A middle of the roadway mixer is both a true blessing and a curse. However even if a middle of the roadway mixer is what you’re dealing with today, it’s still mainly a true blessing due to the fact that it can be an entrance to higher mixer things.

And with that, let’s take a minute to show of the ghosts of mixers past.

Simply for recommendation, I began my cooking life a couple of years ago with this charming little Oster mixer.

I believe we signed up for it at Target when we got wed. It was great. It combined things. It made us many-a-good meal, although I typically needed to stop and stir things up or press things down or simply typically assist the cause in some method or another. However it was an excellent very first. Thank u for the great times, little mixer!

Blender 1

When we resided in the Philippines, I had a green mixer.

I actually simply sat here for a minute and attempted to consider the brand and by some wonder, I REMEMBERED IT, and googled it (” American Heritage Philippines Green Mixer”), and discovered a photo of my old pal. You’re welcome.

Blender 2

I keep in mind disputing whether to bring our mixer abroad with us I understood we ‘d desire it, and I had no concept what type of gain access to we would need to things like BLENDERS once we got to the Philippines. However sure enough, we discovered one in City Ayala in Cebu (I would be so delighted if simply a single person left a remark stating they understood precisely what I was speaking about here) and this little man lasted us through the year and carried out exceptionally well at the job of day-to-day mango papaya mint shakes.

Okay, now for the huge one.

We got home from the Philippines and now, for the last 2 years, I have actually been utilizing this bad young boy the Blendtec!

And let me inform you that Blendtec is a monster.

Blender 3

It can deal with, well, generally anything, considering I have actually had mine for 2 years and utilized it precisely 684 times (there’s a digital counter on the screen that advises me how consumed I am). I have actually checked it to the max with great deals of thick and difficult mixes, and it’s STILL purring like a kittycat.

Blendtec Blender

2 things:

You can get the brand name brand-new Blendtec (I have the Designer Series in black) on Amazon. It has a 4.5 star ranking out of 300 evaluations and it includes a 8-year guarantee. Wait, however. 8 YEARS.

Potentially an even much better option you can get a reconditioned Blendtec from the Blendtec business itself for $279 and get this -> you STILL get the 8 year guarantee. We have actually a reconditioned design of the Designer Series and it’s been fantastic, if you can’t distinguish my zillions of dishes including this mixer.

No matter which alternative you take, it’s still a costly mixer. Please do not purchase among these impressive devices if cooking is not a huge part of your life for you, the Oster (or American Heritage, if you reside in the Philippines) will do simply great.

That being stated, it’s been an exceptionally helpful tool for me I’m doing the mathematics for the 684 usages in 2 and a half years time which implies I have actually balanced more than 2 usages daily?! and for an individual who does a great deal of cooking and likes to make healthy food in imaginative methods, an excellent mixer is a must.

Tirade = done.

Here are 10 remarkable methods to utilize your mixer, whatever kind it may be!

Velvety Soft-Serve Smoothies

Blender Smoothie

Why it works: Well, let’s simply get the apparent out of the method. Shakes are still an absolutely genius method to utilize your mixer even if it is cliche, particularly when you benefit from a super-high powered mixer’s capability to puree whatever (CONSISTING OF GREENS if you attempt) into a velvety, luscious soft-serve texture.

Recipes: Coconut Green Healthy Smoothie ( envisioned), Honey and Wild Blueberry Healthy Smoothie, Vacation Detox Green Apple Healthy Smoothie

Incredible Lemonade

Blender Lemonade

Why it works: It’s an odd little technique of the Lazy Woman trade making lemonade in the mixer is so simple therefore very excellent. You put a lot of limes and lemons in there with some water and sugar annnnd mix. You await the lemon pieces to separate, drain pipes out the liquid, and stir in a little sweetened condensed milk bc you bouta reward yoself.

Recipes: Mixer Lemonade ( envisioned)

Easy Pancakes

Blender Pancakes

Why it works: A much better concern is why NOT provide your pancake batter a fast try through a mixer? Among my preferred daily pancake dishes (compliments of my bestie Ang) is made in the mixer in about 5 seconds flat. Hop to! Brinner waits for.

Recipes: Cinnamon Whole Grain Power Pancakes ( envisioned)

Silky Smooth Soups

Blender Soup

Why it works: Soups in the mixer are among my preferred things of perpetuity, particularly when the soup base has a couple of potatoes or other starchy veggies to simply hold all of it together with a somewhat thickened silky smooth excellence. I never ever liked butternut squash soup till I owned a Blendtec real story. That smooth texture can make a fan out of anybody.

Recipes: Coconut Curry Soup (envisioned), Butternut Squash Soup, Creamy Potato Kale Soup (this is a significant preferred in our home we do not make numerous dishes “routinely” however this one comes back a minimum of a couple of times each fall/winter season)

The Fluffiest Eggs

Blender Eggs

Why it works: I think I do not truly understand WHY it works, however it does work. Whir those eggs around in the mixer for a couple of seconds and you’ll have yourself the most charming fluffy rushed eggs and/or omelettes of your egg-eating life. I’m crossing fences for this one due to the fact that I do not even like eggs. However Bjork enjoys them, and it holds true that even I may be able to come around for some very soft rushed eggs packed with goat cheese when they’re this fluffy.

Recipes: I do not have a dish that directs you to utilize a mixer for the eggs, however simply take any dish you have and rather of blending the eggs by hand, whir them up gently in the mixer for about 10 seconds. When it comes to particular concepts, I believe this is my ONLY appropriate egg dish Goat Cheese Rushed Eggs with Pesto Veggies.

Homemade Sauces

Blender Enchilada Sauce

Why it works: Take whatever you were going to slice up and simmer into that sauce and put it in the mixer rather. You can keep some texture, however the aromatics like onion and garlic get dispersed equally throughout the sauce. Dressings, sauces, whatever. It’s so difficult to return to routine slicing as soon as you make this your MO.

Dishes: Lazy Woman Chicken Quinoa Enchiladas (envisioned), Spanish Chicken and Potatoes, Sesame Mango Chicken Teriyaki, and there are a million more examples on this website this is generally how I prepare whatever.

Oat + Nut Flours, Butters, and Milks

Blender Oat Flour

Why it works: I’m lumping these completely due to the fact that there are simply unlimited possibilities here. A great mixer can take anything in this classification (nuts, oats, grains, seeds, you call it) and make it into something brand-new. Oats end up being flour, cashews end up being cream, and almonds end up being milk, simply among others yummies.

Recipes: Oat Flour (envisioned) as utilized in these Pumpkin Bites with Maple Glaze, 5 Minute Cashew Sauce

Quick Salsa

Blender Salsa

Why it works: I actually chose veggies from my garden for this salsa. I HAVE A GARDEN and it GREW THINGS. However I digress. This one is a little bit challenging due to the fact that fresh tomatoes can get type of weird-textured and light pink colored in the mixer. However if you include a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste, and pulse carefully, simply a couple of seconds at a time, you will wind up with a gloriously simple, still red, chunky, fresh salsa. From your garden.

Recipes: this Mixer Salsa from Little Spice Container utilizes canned tomatoes like typical (envisioned above is my chunky variation with my house grown tomatoes)

Creamy Cauliflower Sauce

Blender Cauliflower Sauce

Why it works: This post would not be total without reference of that velvety cauliflower sauce. So … discussing. When I made it once again for this post, I re-discovered my love of this white gold things. Velvety, versatile to whatever tastes you desire, and loaded with NUTRITIOUS CAULIFLOWER. Nobody needs to understand.

Recipes: Creamy Cauliflower Sauce (envisioned), Creamy Cauliflower Garlic Rice

Divine Whipped Cream

Blender Whipped Cream

Why it works: I truthfully believe making whipped cream in my mixer works much better than it makes with my electrical mixer. Simply turn it on and let it get remarkable. Plus, you can quickly include some honey and send all of it spinning around for a 2nd for the most delicious, fluffy honey whipped cream.

Recipes: no dish simply put light whipping cream into the mixer and switch on a medium level setting till it’s thick!

Bonus Offer: Garden Compost Breakdown

Blender Compost

Why it works: Yeah, this one is a bit of a weirdo-person thing, however worth discussing because I have actually signed up with the ranks of the Composters this year. A high powered mixer can be a terrific method to break down your food waste that is gone out to your garden compost bin. Which implies you’ll get nutrient-rich dirt much faster! Which implies more tomatoes and basil and green beans. And you do not need to truly touch anything. You compost, best? You people, if I (captain of group Lazy Woman) can compost, you can most certainly garden compost. Simply believe how best you will feel making granola every day after you begin composting. Worth it.

Recipes: ew. none.

Whether you go the NEW Blendtec path by means of Amazon, the REFURBISHED Blendtec path in order to conserve $175, the routine little Oster mixer path due to the fact that you’re brand-new to this entire thing, or the do not- need-to-get-anything-cause-I-already-have-one path, I see numerous mixer experiences in your future.

Pst do you have a mixer you understand and enjoy? Leave a remark and let me understand I’m on a mission to discover the very best possible mixer brand names and ranges of perpetuity.

Disclaimer: The links for the mixers in this post are affiliate links. I would enjoy to be a mixer twin with you!

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