20-Minute Ancho Chicken Tacos

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It’s Monday!

We’re back from getaway!

And Minnesota is experiencing some awesomely WARM WEATHER CONDITION.

Those 3 things + these 20-minute ancho chicken tacos are a force to be considered in my life today.

Let’s simply get this out of the method right off the bat: these tacos are stupidly basic. Like, this is most likely not the ideal dish for everybody due to the fact that they’re SO basic. If you’re humiliated by simple dishes, we still like you however Bye-bye. So long. See you next time.

The rest people who are the reverse of humiliated by simple dishes get to remain and enjoy ourselves some very basic ancho chicken tacos that produce an ideal hurry-up-and-eat Monday night meal. Celebration in the kitchen area!

Something I have actually found out about myself in the last couple of years of producing a food blog site is that the majority of my preferred dishes are focused around sauces or garnishes. These ancho chicken tacos are following that Toppings Guideline, given that the tender spiced chicken gets finished up a great warm corn tortilla and after that topped with, um, let me see here, EVERYTHANG > there’s cilantro, cabbage, a capture of lime, plus jalapeños, sour cream, green onions, and avocados if you attempt to be that seriously amazing.

To which I state: bring it.

Herbs on a cutting board.

Chicken in a blue bowl.

The other day I chose my very first spring run around the lake “spring” suggesting both warmer weather condition and more it’s- still-light-out hours in the day. There were canines and children and friendly individuals in light coats all over, and it was amazingly pleased. SPRING!

When it pertains to outside running this winter season, I have actually sort of been, like, refraining from doing it. Hibernation was the name of the video game this year I most certainly did purchase running leggings and a charming neon pink sweatshirt right around January first ( I AM A CLICHE) to motivate myself to get outdoors and run, however the truth is that there is no competitors when it pertains to Minnesota in January and February vs. the huge, squishy gray sofa and the fluffy white blanket. None whatsoever.

However good idea I purchased the adorable running clothing.

Like an athletic spring champ, the other day I in fact place on stated adorable running clothing for, like, the 3rd time given that purchasing it, and I handled the pleased lake run in our hood like an individual who had actually not been outdoors for a life time. Mentioning had actually not been outdoors, I am not even joking when I state that at some point in February I had the terrible experience of waking up and recognizing that, in truth, I had actually not left the boundaries of your house for 4 (one 2 3 4) complete days. You understand, working from house slash Minnesota winter season slash I CAUGHT MYSELF IN MY OWN HOME.

Buuuut moving right along.

Chicken Tacos with toppings.

Obtain prepared, due to the fact that these ancho chicken tacos with all the fresh garnishes wish to state hi to your face!

I’m 100% favorable that you can discover 20 minutes to make these throughout the Bachelor finale industrial breaks tonight. You and I both, my good friends. You and I both.

Cheers to basic, fresh, ideal Monday chicken tacos!

Chicken Tacos with limes and herbs.

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Ancho Chicken Tacos in basket with limes.

20-Minute Ancho Chicken Tacos

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20-Minute Ancho Chicken Tacos that are prepared extremely quick and go completely with cilantro, jalapeño, sour cream, and lime juice!


Ancho Chicken

Tacos and Toppings


  1. Toss the cabbage and cilantro together. Preparation the other garnishes.
  2. Integrate the flour, ancho chili powder, southwestern flavoring, and salt and pepper in a shallow meal.
  3. In a sturdy pan, heat the oil to medium high heat. Cut the chicken breasts in half or quarters, toss in the flour mix, and contribute to the pan. Prepare for a couple of minutes; flip, and cook for another couple of minutes till the exterior is browned and the within is no longer pink. Eliminate from heat, spray with a bit more salt, and permit to rest for a couple of minutes. Cut or shred the chicken into little pieces.
  4. Warm tortillas (I simply microwave for a 20 seconds or two) and put together with the chicken and garnishes. Be generous with the lime juice and jalapeños for additional zing!


When I warmed up the remaining chicken, I tossed the chicken pieces in a pan with a little water and let it simmer a bit it was extraordinary! It made the chicken a bit saucy, which we enjoyed.

As composed, these tacos are fairly moderate. The garnishes are what actually provides it a kick, so you can pump up the taste by including some spicy salsa, jalapeños, or diced red onions, either raw or sauteed with the chicken.

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