A Week in the Life of a Vegetarian

Let’s modification things up today. Rather of my normal dishes, I’m going to share an honest take a look at a common week’s worth of vegetarian consuming. I do not have a huge “vegetarian” label at the top of the blog site, however it holds true all of my dishes are meatless. My slogan is, “Commemorating entire foods!” due to the fact that I simply wish to demonstrate how terrific veggies and entire grains can be.

Michelle requested this post a couple of weeks back. She informed me that she’s moving more towards a vegetarian diet plan however does not have sufficient go-to meals in her collection to quit meat entirely. She stated, “I ‘d like to see what a week-in-the-life so to speak appear like for a practicing vegetarian.” My knee-jerk response to Michelle’s e-mail was, “No! My leftovers aren’t quite and I’m not the world’s healthiest eater. What are they going to believe?”

After offering Michelle’s demand more believed, nevertheless, I chose to go all out. I understand Michelle isn’t the only one questioning how to end up being a vegetarian or simply how to consume less meat. I swallowed my pride about the imperfect phone pictures due to the fact that hello, reality is unpleasant. Reality is hectic. Making the non-traditional choice to consume more plants and less animals daily appears hard in the beginning, however it’s really quite simple once you start. I hope this post supplies insight on how to consume less meat, if that’s your objective, or simply a behind-the-scenes take a look at this vegetarian’s way of life, in case you wonder.

You may discover that I constantly consume breakfast. Constantly! I likewise consume a great deal of leftovers, naturally, given that I do not have a household to assist me polish off the family-sized meals I produce the blog site. It takes me a couple of days to go through a tub of spinach or strawberries (you’ll see a great deal of each in the pictures listed below).

Protein appears to be a huge issue for those starting, however I get lots of protein from eggs, beans, sometimes tofu, nuts and all the other entire foods that fill me up. Protein is usually present in entire foods, like greens, veggies and entire grains. I would be starving all the time if I still survived on my intermediate school diet plan of Cheez-Its and Dr. Pepper, however I’m certainly not going starving now!

I ought to clarify that I’m not a very stringent vegetarian. I ‘d think that my diet plan has to do with 98 percent vegetarian, which is great enough for me. I never ever desire my pals to head out of their method for me, so I do not turn away their homemade soups when they forget to utilize veggie broth. I consume quality fish when the chance develops due to the fact that it tastes great and it benefits me. I do not examine my cheese to make certain it does not consist of animal rennet, either.

So yeah, I might possibly more precisely call myself a pescetarian or flexitarian rather of a vegetarian, however those terms simply appear to make complex the point of a greatly meat-free diet plan. We make consuming choices a minimum of 3 times a day, so any diet plan created for the long-lasting ought to permit some versatility. I have actually been healthy and pleased with my variation of vegetarianism for the previous 5 years.

Finally, I do not suggest to suggest that vegetarianism is the only method to go. I do not think that there is one perfect diet plan for all humans. A meatless diet plan fits me well, and I discover peace in understanding that I’m doing my body and the environment a favor by consuming less meat. I comprehend that a meatless diet plan isn’t for everybody. Take my bro Reed, for instance. He has huge muscles, enjoys to hunt, delights in a terrific steak, and does not feel pleased unless there’s meat on his plate. I get it. I do not slam his options or perhaps hope that he’ll alter. I’m simply delighted to share my vegetarian favorites with him because, as it ends up, he delights in kale salad with his steak.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Here we go! OKC to KC/Back to the grind

I invested a prolonged weekend in Oklahoma (above left) with my household prior to snapping these pictures. I consumed a great deal of pizza while I existed, so I was yearning lighter fare when I got house. Recently (Monday through Sunday), I was back in Kansas City and striving to get overtaken work, so you’ll see a great deal of extremely fast meals made in your home.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com


Left: Basic breakfast of granola and yogurt. I attempt to consume yogurt every day due to the fact that I’m a huge follower in the advantages of probiotics. (I’m attempting to offset all the prescription antibiotics I considered ear infections as a kid.) Trader Joe’s natural European-style plain entire milk yogurt is my existing favorite. I included banana nut granola (blog site decline, a riff on my honey almond granola) and rhubarb chia jam (a riff on my strawberry chia jam).

Right: I was starving and in a rush, so I threw up some huevos rancheros (tortilla, fried egg, skilled black beans, store-bought salsa verde, marinaded red onions, handful cilantro, fallen apart feta). Here’s my preferred dish for huevos rancheros.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left: My pal Ali brought her puppy, Henry, over for supper.

Right, supper: After a couple glasses of white wine, I threw up a salad for us to consume for supper. The salad wasn’t terrific, so I was a little ashamed to serve it to a fellow food blog writer. Ali offered tacky homemade beer bread (comparable to this dish). I forgot just how much I like beer bread.

Salad picture credit: Ali’s Instagram.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com


Left, breakfast: Running low on groceries. I consumed all of my yogurt at breakfast the other day, so I toasted the last little pieces of entire grain bread I had actually left. Topped my toast with peanut butter and rhubarb chia jam. The rhubarb jam is growing on me. Anybody desire the dish? (Update: here it is!)

Right, lunch: Last dish test for my breeze pea soba noodles.

Disappointed, supper: More soba noodles.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com


Left, breakfast: Still out of yogurt, now out of bread. Spread peanut butter and rhubarb jam on a warm entire wheat tortilla, topped it with sliced up strawberries and rolled it up. Wanted I had actually almond butter.

Right, lunch: Bon Appetit’s carrot salad. I am now consumed with the mix of coriander, lemon and carrots. Dishes to come.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left: My pet is a feline.

Right, treat: Procrastination by means of fro yo.

Disappointed, supper: Egg quesadillas dish test. Quesadillas ended up so well that I could not stop consuming them. That’s when I understood I ‘d discovered a winner.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com


Left, breakfast: I got up late and practically missed my visit to get my hair cut. Gotten a little bag of Trader Joe’s path mix on my escape the door.

Right, lunch: More remaining soba noodles. Understood that leftovers do not taste so hot after a number of days. Upgraded dish to show that information.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left, treat: Got starving at the supermarket. Snacked on an apple and sourdough bread. Idea I was purchasing entire wheat sourdough however it wasn’t. Consumed it anyhow.

Right, supper: The remains of my egg quesadilla picture shoot.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left, after-dinner walk: Took Cookie on a walk given that I was feeling overstuffed after consuming excessive quesadillas.


Right, breakfast: Remaining quesadilla with Cholula hot sauce and guacamole. Consumed the staying piece of quesadilla for a late-morning treat.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left: I wan na do what she’s doing.

Right, fast lunch: Toasted bread with smashed avocado, topped with burst cherry tomatoes. It was great, however I’m an avocado toast perfectionist and I have actually practically chose that toast + avocado + sea salt is the very best method to go.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left, late supper: Threw up some spinach, sliced up strawberries and radishes, toasted pistachios and goat cheese, tossed in my basic lemon dressing. Liked it a lot that I made more after I polished off the bowl revealed.


Right, light breakfast: I’m going to breakfast later on, however I can’t avoid breakfast or my blood sugar level level will leave whack (I’m hypoglycemic). More toast with peanut butter and rhubarb jam given that I forgot to purchase yogurt at the supermarket on Wednesday.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left, brunch/lunch: Met up with Sara, a regional blog-reader-turned-friend (love it when that occurs), after developing my hunger at an early morning yoga class. Sleek off that artichoke/spinach/goat cheese frittata and potatoes. Made a psychological note to go back to Space 39 and order Sara’s meal at some point (toast with artichoke spread/arugula/poached egg).

Right, supper: Ahalogy concerned town and took some blog writers out to supper at Tannin Red wine Bar. All of us shared appetisers and after that I bought this fascinating tofu/white bean/chimichurri meal for supper.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com


Left, light breakfast: Still out of yogurt (great sorrow) however discovered some deserted strawberry keffir in my refrigerator. The keffir is still too sweet for my taste so I didn’t complete everything. Keffir returned to deserted status in the refrigerator.

Right, brunch/lunch: Met up with Kristin, Lila and Kate for breakfast at Westside Resident. Purchased the veggie scramble with a poached egg on top.

Week of Vegetarian Eating - cookieandkate.com

Left: Meet Mirabel. She’s my preferred. Mira enjoys her mother, Tessa’s pets and asparagus, however she’s not so into peas today.

Right, supper: Weekly supper with pals. Appetiser of morel mushrooms, foraged (how I dislike that word!) by Dane. Gluten-free eaters got dibs on the corn tortillas. Everyone else consumed beef tacos. Mine (bottom left) were black bean tacos. I bring a can of black beans over for such events I simply blend some spices into the beans and warm them up.

There you have it! One week of meat-free consuming. If you wish to find out more about nutrition and food, I extremely advise checking out Michael Pollan’s books, like In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto and The Omnivore’s Issue: A Nature of 4 Meals. For more meal snaps and Cookie photos, do not hesitate to follow cookieandkate on Instagram!

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