Almond Oat Banana Crepes

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Livin la vida crepes. ❤ Permanently.

Almond meal, ground oats, milk, eggs, and vanilla. That’s this and this is that. Nutty, carefully textured, hardly sweet. HOW A-MAZING.

I believe I enjoy these crepes a lot since:: healthy-ish + tastes like dessert + is suitable to consume for breakfast. Plus mix and match wins the bonus offer point prize in my book. The charm of crepes (these ones consisted of) is that they can fold and flex and roll and form to nevertheless you desire them to look, and they can hold almost anything. Bananas, melted chocolate, peanut butter, maple syrup, yogurt, ricotta or home cheese, honey, berries, and/or Nutella. And bacon? I’m simply stating. If you can dream it, it can be genuine.

This may be providing you excessive details about the method my brain works, however there is this phenomenon that takes place to me when I discover a breakfast that I like > I think of it prior to going to sleep and eagerly anticipate getting up in the early morning to consume it. Like night happens and my body is buzzing without thrilled, hyped up brain waves that inform me that in simply 10 brief hours I’ll have the ability to get up and consume (fill in the blank with whatever breakfast I’m consuming over).

Some previous phases of breakfast fixation have actually been: apple bran oatmeal, pumpkin oatmeal, peanut-butter-banana-honey-toast, green shakes, entire wheat pancakes, cinnamon sugar English muffins, frozen waffles topped with home cheese and fruit, cereal and yogurt bowls. And up next: Almond Oat Banana Crepes.

I’ll simply go on and set my alarm for 5am, and most likely get up even previously with a silly smile on my face. The power of food.

Almond Oat Banana Crepes on a white plate.

I made this dish 800 million times since a) I might or might not delight in things like consuming my method through 800 million crepes, and b) I wished to ensure I truly understood this dish and understood how to make it work. The majority of my dishes I would rank as Level: Easy; this one may be more like Medium. WORTH IT. Being that these are thin and fragile, the procedure needs a bit of skill.

Very first thing to understand you need to do a slanted pan spread * (* main term) unless you have a crepe spreader. And is that even what they’re called? I would not understand since I certainly do not have one. The pan spread is easy and fast and assists produce thinner, bigger crepes. That being stated, it can be simple to go crazy-wild when rolling tilting the pan around since it’s, um, enjoyable to make things wallow a pan. Simply calm down now would ya?

Likewise, when the crepe is prepared for you, the edges must turn up quickly, like you see on this photo. The center will most likely wish to adhere to the pan; simply carefully alleviate it off with the spatula and flip-er-on-over.

Two photos of a crepe flipping in a pan.

Since we’re going option here with almond meal and oats, these crepes often wind up with little acnes, scuffs, bubbles, or things of that nature. My last batch was the very best one, after I had one of the most practice, however you may wind up with some strange areas, swellings, and bumps. Whatevs. I didn’t appreciate that at all and I hope you do not either. Since when packed with fresh fruit and covered with chocolate, well, sins like that can be forgiven.

Strawberries on a cutting board in a kitchen.

I made a couple of various variations of this, like the initial one that I got up close and individual with in the very first picture that had simply the bananas and Nutella.

And this one down listed below that was packed with home cheese and topped with strawberries and honey, while cooking imaginative Bjork produced something truly cool like a layered crepe fruit pizza. Who even understands. Anything can work here.

PS. This photo completely illustrates what my early mornings are constantly like: crepes for breakfast, springy flowers, hot coffee, calendar at my side, sun streaming in through the window. Story of my life, for sure. Crazy individual minutes rushing to go out the door with fruit spots on the table linen and chocolate residues on face? No other way never ever.

Crepes on a white plate.

In other news, this is the week I’m going to complete my ecookbook, you men. I can feel it (slash I’m requiring it to take place). It’s been great times, and truly truly great food, and I have actually been so lured to simply publish all the dishes here on the blog site now now now since I enjoy them a lot. If you wish to get on over to inspect the development of the ecookbook, deal input on my cover style issue, and see what the heck I have actually been providing for the last … very long time … do not hesitate to sign up with the VIP group! Simply demand to be included, and after that I’ll include you. Easy McPeasy.

So I dislike that it’s disgusting Monday. However I enjoy that you can now go forth and make these crepes with all the garnishes! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeaaaaahhh. If you develop your own remarkable mix and match fillings and garnishes, I’m anticipating a comprehensive food-sharing report in the remarks. CREPES FOR LIFE.

Almond Oat Banana Crepes on a white plate.

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A picture of Almond Oat Banana Crepes

Almond Oat Banana Crepes

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These Almond Oat Banana Crepes are such a scrumptious method to delight in a healthy reward for breakfast! My preferred easy, yet sweet, early morning go-to!

Active Ingredients


  1. Location the oats and almond meal in a food mill. Grind for 30 seconds or till a flour-like compound kinds. There must have to do with 1 cup of this mix.
  2. Transfer to a big blending bowl and stir in the flour. Include the milk, egg, vanilla, brown sugar, and salt. Blend for 20 seconds or till smooth and bundled.
  3. Heat a big nonstick frying pan over low heat. Put about 1/4 cup batter onto the pan. Thoroughly swirl the batter around the pan as soon as to spread out the batter out for a bigger, more thin crepe. Prepare till the edges of the crepe turn up quickly with a spatula. Thoroughly loosen up the crepe around the edges and after that inward to the center till the crepe launches from the pan; get rid of and reserve. Repeat with the staying batter.
  4. Things the crepes with sliced up bananas and whatever else you like. I ‘d advise almond butter, peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, home cheese, and ricotta cheese. Drizzle with the melted chocolate and serve warm or cold!


Tips for success!
1) Keep the heat LOW. They burn quickly.
2) If you see clear bubbles immediately when you put the batter, it’s too runny. Include more flour.
3) Do not utilize oil or butter in the pan simply utilize a great quality nonstick pan that the crepes can move straight off of.
4) You can prepare the crepes on both sides, however you do not require to. I didn’t, since the rear end does not truly get anymore brown as soon as you turn it.
5) It’s challenging them out of the pan, however when they are prepared, they’ll come. Be client, make little changes to your batter and your heat levels, and work thoroughly. These are fragile little men!

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Nutrition details is for 4 portions consisting of bananas and chocolate.

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