Baked Spicy French Fries with Garlic Cheese Sauce

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Hot, fresh, baked spicy french fries are going to come out of your oven tonight. They simply are. And I’m putting you under person’s arrest if you do not cover your face in garlic cheese sauce.

Did I state face? I indicated french fries. French fries, face, possibly both.

As you can see from my severe close-up images, I’m having difficulty keeping my face far from these little people.

Baked spicy fries.

Here’s the offer, you people. I LIKE FRENCH FRENCH FRIES. I would presume regarding state that French french fries are presently my top dining establishment food. Which is stating a lot since I go to a lot (most likely a lot of) dining establishments and I consume a great deal of (most likely excessive) scrumptious food.

When we head out to consume, there are 3 possible French fry circumstances.

  1. I buy an innapropriately big plate of french fries (waffle, please) and the waitress asks would I like some skilled sour cream? And yes I would. YES. I. WOULD.
  2. I limit myself from buying french fries which triggers me to get the shakes and break out in a cold sweat, so I consume all of my spouse’s french fries rather.
  3. I do not buy french fries, and my spouse does not buy french fries, and we need to stop at McDonald’s en route house. Regrettable.

When doing french fries in your home, I’ve constantly relied greatly on the frozen french fries in a bag (Alexia Spicy Sugary Food Potato French fries, anybody?). Then I recognized that those frozen french fries in a bag are expected to serve 8 individuals, not 2. Thanks a lot, frozen french fries in a bag. Thanks a lot.

So for the last couple of weeks, I have actually been evaluating homemade French fry dishes like insane. Testing all those french fries and all … well, let’s be genuine. It was quite difficult. However all that sacrificial work has actually ended now that I have actually discovered my all-time finest and preferred French fry dish.

These french fries are spicy, however not in fact spicy, simply filled with salted taste. They’re crispy, however not too crispy, simply golden brown and soft on the within. They’re healthy, however not too healthy, simply baked so you can consume a couple of additionals. YUMYUMYUM!

And the garlic cheese sauce? Seriously. No description required. YUM.

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A picture of Baked Spicy Fries with Garlic Cheese Sauce

Baked Spicy French Fries with Garlic Cheese Sauce

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These baked spicy french fries utilize egg whites to get the french fries crispy and golden on the exterior. Topped with a lighter garlic cheese sauce.

Active Ingredients


  1. Preheat the oven to 430.
  2. Wash and dry the potatoes. Cut them into french-fry sized strips about 3/4 inches broad. Put egg whites over french fries, put flavorings over french fries, and stir to integrate.
  3. Location a big sheet of parchment paper over each baking sheet (I utilized 2 baking sheets). Scoop the potatoes onto the parchment paper. Do not dispose the entire bowl out since there will be some remaining egg whites in the bottom of the bowl and you do not desire that on the baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes, take the baking sheets out and get rid of the parchment paper and move the french fries straight onto the baking sheet. They need to move off quickly. Bake for another 5-8 minutes; get rid of from oven and stir, bewaring to keep the shape of the french fries. Continue this (bake, stir, bake, stir) up until the french fries have a puffy golden brown outside that is dry to the touch. They need to be a little crispy however soft on the within. Overall bake time will have to do with 25-35 minutes.
  4. For the cheese sauce, melt the cream cheese in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Blend in the milk, garlic, flavoring salt, and oil up until smooth. When smooth, include the cheese. Melt for another 20-30 seconds and blend once again up until completely smooth, including more milk to thin out the sauce to your wanted consistency. Put over french fries and delight in!


I utilized a microwave for the sauce since I was brief on time, however you might likewise utilize a routine pan on a stovetop.

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PS. Keep in mind when they were called Liberty french fries?

PSS. Garlic Cheese Sauce likes you.

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