Blueberry Orange Breakfast Cake with Agave and Pistachios

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This post is sponsored by Wholesome! ® we utilized their Organic Blue Agave in this dish, and much more, since YUM!

Okay, to start with, let’s stop briefly for a minute of reflection on the truth that this is a BREAKFAST CAKE. Actually the primary word that enters your mind is LUSH. It is cake without being * cake * while still being cake. Do you feel me?

This is quite a brunching wow-factor that functions as 2nd breakfast if you require breakfast vibes in your life on a Wednesday.

Time for some straight talk. When I think about Pinch of Yum and what I desire it to be, I constantly return to this: IS THIS A DISH INDIVIDUALS WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE? That’s what I desire this blog site to be. * nervously side glances the elegant cake *

Therefore normally the concern that filters my choice to publish a dish or not is: IS THIS A DISH THAT I WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE?

I indicate, for sure, I have a level of gratitude and regard for stunning food. Like the elegant cakes of Instagram and cupcakes from our regional little Copper Hen and even this fruit pizza that my sibling makes simply to pity me, I ensure it.

However buddies, I have someplace in between 0 to -100% interest in costs hours, minutes, or actually even seconds embellishing food. I simply do not. That part of my brain is broken. Possibly it’s a vulnerability complex I’m bad at it so I do not wish to attempt? or possibly it’s simply plain and basic that I do not wish to do it. I indicate, HELLO. Can we get to the eating part currently?


Cake on a cake stand with whipped cream.

This may be a great time to discuss that, considering I was born without embellishing and elegant food capabilities, it most likely appears this charming breakfast cake might have taken me years to assemble. Excellent strong YEARS of my life. I’m not an expensive food woman. This is not a trick. We understand this. So this princess cake must have been my life’s develop till this point, right?

No. Extremely incorrect.

Wholesome! Agave.

The fact of the breakfast cake? ONE HOUR is the fact of this breakfast cake.

Plus or minus a little time depending upon just how much whipped cream you eat in restaurants of the mixer and/or the number of finger swipes through the whipped cream cake layers you require to attempt to cover. However usually speaking, this disappears complex than making fast bread.

Cake on a cake stand with agave drizzle.

Men, in my journey for a routine individual’s lovely cake, I attempted numerous various things to make this cake remarkable and * practically actually * sparkly and Instagram-worthy like #cakegoals, and after that (here’s the not incredible fact) I got legally mad at all of them for being too sluggish and specific and laborious. That was a SUPERfun weekend. Do not you want you would’ve remained in the kitchen area with me? I believe they call it a hot mess or something. The 5 “test” breakfast cakes and different embellishing efforts of that weekend will no longer be pointed out on this blog site.

So I ultimately carried my aggravation with the lavish cake life and arrived on something so basic therefore sensational and directly EASY that likewise took place to totally explode my breakfast video game and make me appear like I had skillssss, male.


ohmygosh. On point and on brand name.

Cake on a cake stand with a napkin.

It’s simply this is all:

The appeal of the whipped cream layer is you simply sort of plop it on in huge swathes and offer it a swirl with a spatula and WHOA. It looks remarkable. THIS IS MY SORT OF DESIGNING. Very same with the remainder of the team blueberries, pistachios, and agave are color and texture magic all by themselves.

Pals, when you do make this, I totally anticipate images. Tag me, snap me, email me, do what you require to do. For the body and soul of this blog site, I require to understand that I’m best in stating that this is a synthetic elegant cake that individuals will really make. And love.

Cake slice being removed from a cake.

Likewise people. We’re utilizing Wholesome! ® Organic Blue Agave in this dish which is our preferred. Have I pointed out that prior to?

Their natural sweeteners that are not just useful and available (s/o to TARGET), however they are likewise non-GMO and reasonable trade. Win win!

Likewise, gurl got a product packaging transformation! Their brand-new bottle for the Organic Blue Agave is made from as much as 30% recyclable plant-based family pet, which implies it’s a more sustainable and eco-friendly product packaging choice. And that photo above programs what it appears like after somebody has actually utilized a big quantity of it for sweetening genuine, thick, velvety whipped cream and after that consumed it by the heaping-wooden-spoonful for a wrongly fantastic “SUPPER.”

The grownups have actually formally left the structure.

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Blueberry Orange Brunch Cake on a cake stand with agave poured on it.

Blueberry Orange Breakfast Cake with Agave and Pistachios

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Orange Breakfast Cake SUPER YUMMY since it’s made with olive oil and entire oranges! topped with whipped cream and blueberries and you remain in elegant breakfast organization.

Active Ingredients





  1. PREPARATION: Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees. Line 2 8 or 9-inch round cake pan with non-stick spray or parchment paper on the bottom (I cut my own to a circle so it would fit right in there).
  2. ORANGE MIX: Position the oranges and agave in a food mill and pulse up until a pulpy juice types. Reserve.
  3. CAKE: Blend the sugar, eggs, and olive oil and mix up until integrated. Stir in the orange juice mix. Include the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt and stir up until simply integrated. Transfer batter the ready cake pans and carefully knock the bottom of the pan on the counter to get rid of bubbles in the batter. Bake for 35-45 minutes or up until the tops bounce back. Let the cake cool to space temperature level to prevent melting your whipped cream layers.
  4. WHIPPED CREAM: Utilizing an electrical mixer, beat the heavy light whipping cream up until light and fluffy. Fold in the agave. Spread whipped cream on top of the very first cake, remaining near to the center so you do not get whipped cream overflow. Then carefully put the 2nd cake on top, and leading with another layer of whipped cream. Cover with blueberries, pistachios, and agave.


I likewise took the juice of a couple of oranges and simmered it down into a thick syrup, blended with a little bit of agave, and poked holes in the completed cakes and put my “orange syrup” over the cakes. Makes it additional wet and remarkable. Completely worth the addition of one additional action in between baking and icing.

In basic, I like this cake cooled! Particularly once it’s had a soaking of orange syrup if you choose to go Next Level with the entire thing.

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Thanks to Wholesome! ® makers of this Organic Blue Agave — for partnering with us for this post! And for being a fantastic brand name all-around.

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