Chicken Shahi Korma

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If you like spicy, reassuring, fantastic Indian food, firstly, you are my buddy and let’s go to the lunch buffet. NOW.

Second of all, you understand that often the most modest looking dishes are the most tasty. And when I state modest, I do indicate frightening. Keep in mind the palak paneer I gave way back when? Okay yeaaaah.

However ain’t no one got time for vanity here. This divine mix of chicken, paneer, cashews, golden raisins, and a velvety spicy sauce is gosh darn delicious, and I have actually understood it for as long as I have actually been often visiting the in-cre-di-ble Indian dining establishment in our neck of the woods, and even better, now I understand it FROM MY OWN KITCHEN AREA.

This is a huge offer. Normally me and Indian food are best delegated the dining establishments. You understand, like all the following of the instructions and those long component lists and unknown entire spices and * head in hands * I quit. However not this time, good friends. This is perfectly easy to make, and although it does have a long component list, it’s absolutely nothing that’s going to send you around town to discover a million a something. I (nearly) guarantee. I am a huge fan of reasonable dishes and this is absolutely, absolutely a sensible dish. Can you inform I desire you to attempt this so so bad?

It’s likewise a hot dish.

Food in a food processor.

Today is huge day for us: we are consulting with a group of constructionally talented individuals to discuss taking apart walls in our home to make an awesomely fresh and open kitchen area area. As in cooking area REMODEL. As in omg omg omg pleased pleased enjoyable! I make certain there will be no drama, ever, with anything, right?

The last couple of months have actually been a little bit of a roller rollercoaster of choice making. We had actually discussed doing the remodel, then refraining from doing the remodel, then searching for a studio rather of the remodel, then NOT searching for a studio, and now we have actually kicked back on doing the kitchen area remodel. This will be the area where I’ll work forever, and we’ll have the ability to not just utilize the area for some video if I get brave enough to attempt to be, like, amusing and kewl on video camera, however we’ll simply take pleasure in not needing to seem like we’re secured a closet while we’re cooking and having the ability to speak with peeps throughout the genuine live kitchen area peninsula.

I believe when we were at first choosing whether to move on with the eliminate, we both sort of forgot that we purchased your home on the lower end so we might put a little cash into the kitchen area and make it a good comfy area. So now that we have actually type of re-realized that, I feel actually great about the choice. And I believe Bjork does too. Right, Bjork? Do you even read my blog site? Examine yes or no.

If you forgot what it presently appears like, you remain in for a reward. You can inspect it out ovah heeyah.

Sauce in a pan.

The essence of the remodel is this

I have a board on Pinterest committed to kitchen area remodel motivation if you wish to have a look at the appearance that we’re opting for. Which is among those jokes about Pinterest where you pin whatever you desire your life to be and after that recognize that your kitchen area is a shoebox and you can hardly fit YOURSELF in the kitchen area, much less your dream kitchen area total with arranged containers of food and corresponding matching labels. What?

If you have anything incredible to state about kitchen area renovation 101 for dummies, you can leave it in the remarks listed below. We are sort of unaware about this own a home thing and you all are a wealth of understanding.

Okay, however, Chicken Shahi Korma. It’s heaven-sent. The company paneer, the crispy cashews, the plump raisins, the spicy chicken, the velvety sauce which I might consume in a bowl all by itself … I am getting lightheaded typing that all out.

It’s what my dreams are made from.

Chicken Shahi Korma in a skillet.

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Chicken Shahi Korma

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This Chicken Shahi Korma dish is so easy and SERIOUSLY tasty. Spicy chicken, cashews, paneer, golden raisins, and velvety sauce.

Active Ingredients

Dish Active Ingredients:

Korma Sauce Ingredients:


  1. Cut the chicken breasts into little cubes. Puree the ginger, garlic, lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a food mill, including a little water if required. Put over the chicken, stir, and cool to marinade while you prep the remainder of the dish.
  2. Puree all the sauce active ingredients in a food mill till really smooth. Reserve.
  3. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a big pot over medium heat. Include the onions and saute for 5 minutes. Include the chicken and the tomato paste. Saute till aromatic and browned.
  4. Include the korma sauce base, yogurt, compromise, paneer, raisins, cashews, and salt. Taste and get used to your preference. Simmer for as long as you can in the past consuming so the tastes can establish. Include additional water or chicken broth the thin out the sauce to your wanted consistency considering that it will thicken up a bit. Serve over basmati rice or with naan. It’s soooo gooood.

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