Sliced Apple Quinoa Salad

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So here’s the offer: this quinoa salad is the existing love of my life, and our oven and range are broken.

Like, dripping gas into our home whenever it switches on and I’m not enabled to bake anything at the threat of taking off the structure. And as I may have pointed out 100 times this year, we likewise do not have a microwave, so I’m at this point in my life where I’m being required to consume something cold, and thinking about that we likewise do not have a freezer for ice cream (this is developing into a best sob story of life abroad) I am being required to consume a cold salad.

With that darn quinoa, ONCE AGAIN, due to the fact that it’s currently prepared and there’s a lot left over in the refrigerator. How annoying/awesome.

The last cold salad I had was so tasty: a Chopped Thai Chicken Salad. And it was sliced. Hey, think what my preferred type of salad is? CHOPPED.

This salad can be found in with similarly high marks from both me and Bjork. It’s sososo great that I have actually made it a minimum of 4 times in the last, er, 2 days. Something healthy that we both like? Heck yes.

Bowl of quinoa and carrots.

I didn’t even intend on publishing it, really, due to the fact that it’s so easy and I have actually published many quinoa dishes recently that I believed it may be overkill. Due to the fact that really, it IS overkill. Buuuut then the oven broke so I needed to. Ha-ha to you, Alfredo vegetable lasagna. Salad wins today.

500 quinoa dishes later on, quinoa is absolutely growing on me, however the star of this salad isn’t truly the quinoa. It’s the completely juicy, crisp, vibrant fruit and vegetables like sweet pink apples, fresh greens like spinach and arugula and parsley, and earthy-delicious carrots.

Bowl of greens and jars of apple chutney.

And here’s the kicker. The “dressing” for this salad is store-bought apple chutney. Not joking. I discovered some Stonewall Cooking area apple chutney at our little community supermarket here in the Philippines (?!) and it remained in my cart prior to I even understood what had actually occurred. And as if that isn’t enough, then I observed that there was not simply one however 2 ranges of apple chutney on the rack. Sooo you can’t discover raspberry jam, however you can absolutely discover apple chutney. What worldwide.

I really liked the 2nd range of apple chutney much better the brand name is Vital Waitrose. It had actually walnuts and caramelized onions and chili powder and lottts of sticky-sweet apples. I might absolutely consume it with a spoon. However because that’s a European brand name, I hesitate that’s not going to work for you North American good friends. I ‘d recommend simply discovering any apple chutney (or something comparable) with a spicy, warm, nutty, sweet taste.

So my last ideas on this salad are that I L-O-V-E-D it.

  1. The taste and texture combination was so delicious: fresh and sweet, crispy-crunchy-soft, and spicy from the chutney.
  2. It just took 5 minutes to make considering that the quinoa was currently prepared.
  3. It can be consumed with chips. Pita chips, pretzel chips, wild rice chips, Tip of Lime chips … trust meeee.
  4. It can be consumed plain. Absolutely a meal-worthy salad, states Bjork. See what I indicate?

Apple quinoa salad in a white bowl in two images.

If there’s something I require today, it’s chips. I indicate, salad. Whenever, day or night.

I hope your oven “breaks” quickly.

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Chopped Apple Quinoa Salad

Sliced Apple Quinoa Salad

4.8 from 5 evaluations


This incredibly simple sliced apple quinoa salad has fresh grated apples, carrots, blended greens, quinoa, almonds, and spicy apple chutney.



  1. Preparation the active ingredients and enable to chill in the refrigerator. I have actually had finest outcomes with blending when the quinoa is cool and crumbly rather of hot and sticky.
  2. Integrate all the active ingredients in a blending bowl and toss up until well integrated. Serve instantly, either plain, with chips, or on fresh greens.


If you wish to consume this over numerous days, I would recommend keeping all the active ingredients in different containers in the refrigerator and after that simply blending private portions when you’re all set to consume. It does not remain fresh for more than a day.

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