Coconut Pineapple Orange Shake

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This pineapple orange healthy smoothie is going to take you locations. If you resemble me, after simply one taste, you’ll seem like you have actually been amazingly transferred from here …

Large sheets of snow covering a car in Minnesota.

to here.

Beautiful ocean view with palm trees and a sailboat.

Oh, wait. Pinch me, due to the fact that I may currently exist.

However I do not wish to leave anyone out, so I’m sharing this tropical healthy smoothie so you can seem like you remain in the tropics taking pleasure in Spring Brake with me!

Orange for a smoothie.

Oranges become my fruit fixation every winter season. They are more affordable, juicer, oranger … it might be cold and snowy outdoors, however it appears to be primo orange season. I consume one every day for lunch in the winter season. Animal of practice? Let’s simply state I take pleasure in foreseeable regimens.

As I began to snap a couple of shots of this healthy smoothie, I believed it would be great to have 2 glasses to deal with. As you’ll discover, just one made it to the image shoot. That’s because after having simply one sip, I could not withstand consuming all of Glass # 1. I didn’t actually require both for a great photo anyhow, right?

Coconut pineapple orange smoothie with coconut shreds on top.

I must point out: if you are troubled by texture, you might wish to select a various healthy smoothie. I do not mind foods that are a tiny bit textured, so this healthy smoothie was best for me. However due to the fact that of the oranges, you may not get a completely smooth mix unless you have a remarkable mixer.

Mentioning which, perhaps the (less smooth) texture of mine was because of my mixer quality. I needed to do a double take to discover if my eyes were fooling me or if it really blurted a puff of smoke when I turned it on.

Coconut pineapple orange smoothie in a glass next to an orange.

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A picture of Coconut Pineapple Orange Smoothie

Coconut Pineapple Orange Shake

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This coconut pineapple orange healthy smoothie will provide you a taste of the tropics no matter what the weather condition resembles. Made with fresh fruit, yogurt and milk. Yum!




  1. Blend till smooth.
  2. Sprinkle with coconut and/or orange passion.

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Coconut pineapple orange smoothie in a glass with orange zest and coconut shreds.

So you proceed and get some Vitamin C, and (because I currently had 2 healthy smoothies) I’ll make the most of my getaway and stock up on the Vitamin D.

( Any terrific mixer suggestions? I believe I may be in the market for a brand-new one.)

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