Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Sauce

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Hey summer season! and hello hello heyyy wonderfully tasty summer season food consumed on a patio area in the bright sun.

Welcome. Remain in our lives permanently. We ❤ u.

Specifically us lonesome winterers here in Minnesota who have actually not seen the out of doors for billions of days. The other day it was blisteringly hot out there (suggesting 80 degrees here in M-N) and I remained in summer season sun patio area paradise. I placed my chair to deal with straight into the sun, ideal beside my freshly bought basil plant from the farmer’s market, and together we absorbed the hottness while I consumed a little treat and it felt guuud. Then I stressed about all that sun on my basil and disposed my water bottle all over it to cool it down. Does basil love water bottle showers? Or does it require sun? The leaves are beginning to look strange and my black thumb is feeling guilty. Halp.

Fish frying in a skillet.

I’m sorry not sorry to state that my preferred summer foods = things like beer-battered fried fish tacos (hello! that’s today), corn pets, mini donuts, French french fries, onion rings, and so forth. I understand. I’m a terrible individual and why can’t I simply grill something? Real story I attempted to grill something recently so I could be a Fresh Healthy Summertime Blog site Individual and think what? It was not tasty. I could not blog about it in a million years and it made a mess, like, all over our lawn. I’ll attempt once again next year.

When I think about summer season food, I think about consuming outdoors which makes me think about things like the State Fair and outside shows and celebrations and theme park. And as long as we’re on that subject, I am stating today that I have actually formally reached the age of never ever going on any roller rollercoasters ever once again. No more. It’s time to simply welcome the truth that my trip spirit is either non-existent or chooses flights suggested for 3-5 years of age.

My food spirit, nevertheless, welcomes the so-bad-but-so-good food at stated theme park therefore no concerns we’ll go, you’ll ride, I’ll consume, and we can all still get along. Today’s dish is some type of mashup in between that tasty fried food of summer season outside occasions and the great sensation of making an enjoyable summer season meal yourself, in your home, with a freshy umbrella beverage if you’re cutesy and have an ideal life.

Crispy fried fish in a bowl with a lime.

The fish in these tacos is crispy and tasty >> CRISPY FISH TACOS. It’s crispy since it’s beer-battered with a couple of distinct components that offer it additional crunch, like cornmeal. Crispity-crunch, that shooore tastes goooood. It turns a good golden brown, and I understand I simply stated this in a post just recently however it deserves duplicating: genuinely that golden brown is the very best food color. I enjoy it.

I kept the garnishes quite easy for these tacos since I welcome minimalism and simpleness and zen-ness all the time. And/or/also, I didn’t wish to go to the supermarket for anymore components when my refrigerator is overruning with things. That’s zen, right?

It wound up being best. The zingy spiciness of the sauce, in addition to its cool creaminess, had the best well-rounded balancing impact to the spicy, golden brown, crispy cornmeal beer-battered fish. A little Cotija cheese collapsed on the top offered a little texture and saltiness, and those couple of little cilantro leaves included a fresh-green-pop appearance that connected everything together.

So this weekend was this > I consumed a couple of tasty tacos in your home, beinged in the sun with the basil plant, and after that went out with pals where I rested on a roof deck and enjoyed the sundown and felt really delighted. These great sensations gave you by summa summa summmmaaah.

Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Sauce in a bowl.

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A picture of Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Sauce

Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Sauce

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These Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Sauce are fried to golden brown excellence with a crispy cornmeal crust and served with a fresh, hot homemade sauce!

Active Ingredients

Jalapeño Sauce

Fish Tacos


  1. Puree all the jalapeño sauce components in a food mill till your wanted consistency is reached. I often include a little bit more oil or water at the end to make the sauce less gloppy and more drizzle-able.
  2. Pat the fish dry with paper towels and cut into 2-3 inch pieces. Put 1/2 cup flour in a shallow bowl and reserved. In a different bowl, blend 1/2 cup flour, cornmeal, cornstarch, chili powder, baking powder, and salt. Include the beer and the beaten egg; stir till integrated to form the batter.
  3. Pour sufficient oil in a fry pan so that the fish will be partly immersed while frying. Heat the oil till a drip of water sizzles throughout the top. Dip each piece of fish in the plain flour, then the batter, then move to the hot oil. Fry on each side for 3-5 minutes or till golden brown and crispy. Eliminate from the fry pan and transfer to a plate lined with paper towels to drain pipes excess oil. Sprinkle with salt while still hot; let cool somewhat.
  4. Organize your tacos with a couple of pieces of fish, cilantro, Cotija cheese, and jalapeño sauce. Yummy!


About the flour: I have actually utilized both entire wheat flour and white flour. White flour is more standard however entire wheat works, which’s what’s imagined here. The cornmeal includes a special texture however you might utilize flour in its location for a more standard beer-battered fish texture.

About the batter: If the batter sits for a while, the cornmeal will sink to the bottom. Stir it up once again to get whatever blended prior to dipping the fish in it.

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Crispy Fish Tacos with Jalapeño Sauce - lightly battered and fried fish served with a fresh, spicy homemade sauce! simple and delicious. |

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