Crockpot Red Curry Lentils

Ohhh my lentils. I simply enjoy me somma them beans. Particularly when they remain in a huge crockpot loaded with red curry lentils.

this dish

Today I went to a Filipino supermarket and purchased 2 huge bags of lentils. Yep, you’re right. Certainly not Filipino, and completely still a great purchase.

One bag is brown/green and it’s called masoor. Simply attempt stating that aloud when. You’ll feel elegant. The other one is adorable, little, and red. It’s called dal and it’s scrumptious. I’m simply cautioning you today. If you do not like lentils, you may wish to go on and click that little red x in the corner. With these 2 bags of lentils burning a hole in my cooking area counter, these next couple of weeks are going to be lentil mania.


Lentils in a plastic bag.

To be reasonable, there are cookies coming, too, so … simply … remain, wouldya? Perhaps I can get you to like lentils along the method.

red curry lentils

In some cases individuals ask my what my preferred dish of perpetuity is, and despite the fact that I understand I have actually made other things that I have actually likewise reallyreally liked, it resembles whatever else disappears because minute and all I can consider are those saucy, spicy, perfect-as-leftovers, healthy, low-cost, and simple Red Curry Lentils from method back when.

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