Easy Turkey Noodle Soup

Easy turkey noodle soup dish LIGHT therefore tasty. Perfect for leftovers on a relaxing cold day!

this dish

Absolutely nothing fancy to see here, kids!

Absolutely nothing fancy at all.

Simply an incredibly tasty (understatement of the century) Easy Turkey Noodle Soup that begins with a turkey-based broth with loads upon loads upon loads of steamy rice noodles and every possible topping in deep space consisting of however not restricted to a heavy handed dousing of sriracha even if that’s not absolutely genuine. Likewise: me slurping the noodles up like a kid due to the fact that my great motor abilities really end up being those of a kid when I have chopsticks in my hand. However begin. I ‘d rather not do this today.

What I do wish to do is inform you how crucial it is for your tastebuds that you resourcefully utilize the remaining turkey and the turkey carc *** (dreadful, dreadful word that will not be called on this blog site) and make these legendary noodle bowls.

I’m keeping today’s post short due to the fact that it’s sort of unanticipated > I simply discovered myself feeling influenced to make a turkey in order to have the leftovers to make the turkey soup which we feasted on in 3 and a half bites ALL PRIOR TO THANKSGIVING EVEN TOOK PLACE// so sensible > and I usually do not publish on Tuesdays, however I actually required you to see this prior to you get rid of the turkey you-know-what after T-giving supper.

Do Not do it! Do not toss it away. Step in NOW.

So should you make this and slurp it up while relaxing in your cozies over the weekend? Let’s simply state I feel actually excellent when I think of us doing that.

Turkey Pho recipe - LIGHT and so flavorful. All familiar ingredients that can be bought at a mainstream grocery store. Perfect for leftover turkey! | pinchofyum.com

Source notes: This dish was formerly entitled “Easy Turkey Pho” however was upgraded in August 2021 to much better show and appreciate the cultural origins from which this meal originated from. While the broth in this soup utilizes tastes frequently discovered in pho, it is not a standard pho dish. Have a look at this dish from Sarah at The Woks of Life for standard and scrumptious pho!

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Turkey Pho in a bowl with chopsticks.

Easy Turkey Noodle Soup

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Easy turkey noodle soup dish LIGHT therefore tasty. Perfect for leftovers on a relaxing cold day!

Active Ingredients


For the Broth

For Noodle Bowls


  1. In a big stock pot, simmer all the broth active ingredients together for an hour approximately. Put through a great mesh colander, scheduling liquid and disposing of solids.
  2. Go back to heat and include noodles. Let the noodles soak up until soft (about 10 minutes). Include the turkey. Transfer to bowls (noodles and turkey loaded in the middle, broth ladled over the entire thing) and leading with anything your turkey noodle soup heart desires. And DON’T SKIP THE LIME. My preferred.


Active ingredients note: I purchased all these active ingredients at what I think about to be a mainstream supermarket (Cub Foods, if you’re regional to the Minneapolis location). The star anise was available in a little bag in the area where they offer the entire dried spices.

Do this a day beforehand if you can! I made it all in one day and it was absolutely great, however it would be perfect to spread it over 2 days. > To make the stock, simply cut up the turkey carcass (I’m sorry no chance around that word) and cover it with 8-10 cups water in a big pot. Include a couple of sliced up carrots and some onion pieces and simmer for 1-2 hours. Drain pipes, scheduling the yummy broth and disposing of the solids, and after that if you can, let it chill for a while so you can skim the fat off the top. Overall yield will depend upon for how long you simmer it, however normally speaking, this must be plenty for this soup dish.

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