Egg Waffles with Romesco and Goat Cheese

Egg Waffles with Romesco and Goat Cheese! Light puffy rushed eggs packed with great deals of cheese, veggies, bacon (if you desire), romesco sauce, and any other garnishes you can picture.

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Do not you attempt restrict your waffle maker. Let her run complimentary. Let her fly from the bounds of drippy batter-turned-waffle since today we’re taking a look at making some charming lil’ omelette people in there and actually, what a wonderful little twist on breakfast or brinner!

All of us understand rushed eggs are simple, healthy and fast, and can certainly conserve the day on among those SOS-y type nights when you are actually rushing (lol pun planned) to get something on the table quickly. You can toss veg therein. Protein? Coming ‘atcha. Cheese? Yes naturally, why not.

So we wished to take the feel of that extremely routine and completely appropriate meal and make it a lot more enjoyable. Since here we remain in February, the longest fastest month.

Light puffy rushed eggs, speckled with bits of bacon and spinach or any other veg/protein combination you enjoy, some hashbrowns tossed in for great step, and additional cheese that gets all goldy-crisp on top.


You can toss them on sandwiches, cut them up in strips for dippers or, like we enjoy to do, stack them to the sky with tasty garnishes. Crumbles of goat cheese, a swath of nutty sharp romesco sauce, a spoonful of peppers and garlic confit, avocado for days, a spray of chives cuz they charming, possibly hot sauce since why stop now?

There are no limitations to what you can make take place with these and your waffle maker is so thrilled to be of service. So happy.

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Components You’ll Required To Make These Egg Waffles

These little fun-makers can actually be anything you desire them to, be however we like to go 100% maximalist just how much is excessive definitely overboard on garnishes since this is an egg waffle celebration and we concerned play.

So here’s what you require to begin:

Here’s how we like to end up:

See?! No holding back. This is an excellent combination. BUT, the appeal of an egg waffle celebration is that you completely make the visitor list, so let your creativities cut loose!

Let’s Make Egg Waffles

Mix active ingredients, waffle it up. That’s actually about it.

However if you desire a bit more assistance, here we go:

  1. Mix all your base active ingredients together.
  2. Pour about 1/2 -3/ 4 cup onto a nonstick waffle maker. You may require a little cooking spray depending upon how great your nonstick is.
  3. Cheese pieces You actually do not wish to lose out on this. Wreck a couple pieces of cheese and put on top prior to putting the cover down for a good tacky golden brown top. Prepare up until the light goes off and after that ensure potatoes are soft and cheese is golden. (Typically simply 1-2 minutes however if it isn’t rather done, simply provide it a flip and an additional minute.)
  4. Leading with all your garnishes! And we do indicate all. Have all the enjoyable.

Fork taking a bite out of a loaded egg waffle

Egg Waffles Your Method

We assure you can’t fail with a garnishes tower as shown. Like, HELLO garlic & pepper confit is generally garlic and pepps that have simply been slow-simmered in olive oil up until buttery soft … why would not you put that on whatever? Why turn away from this and all the other flavor-explosions that are plentiful?

However we did guarantee that the appeal of these is how completely adjustable they are. Swap out the breakfast meats or veggie combination as you want. Have fun with the garnishes to your heart’s material. If you desire a little Tex-Mexy twist, toss some black beans, pepperjack cheese, sour cream, and salsa at it. An enjoyable broccoli cheddar variation with prepared rice rather of hashbrowns, broccoli bits, bacon, and all the cheese. Possibly there’s a caramelized onion variation in your future?

Or, you understand, possibly you’re simply dipping yours in catsup. To each their own.

Oh! What if everybody gets an egg waffle and after that there’s simply a garnishes bar in the middle of the table for an extremely make-your-own brinner experience? That might be enjoyable!

Egg waffle on a plate loaded with toppings and a fork

These little egg waffles can be anything you dream and are certainly the most enjoyable little omelette bar this side of town.

Egg Waffles: Regularly Asked Concerns

Can these egg waffles be meal-prepped?

First Of All, we like the method you believe! And yes, they completely can. Simply fill up all of your garnishes prior to serving.

Do I require a waffle maker for this dish?

A waffle maker is quite vital for these egg waffles. You can get an economical choice from Target or purchase something a bit fancier if you ‘d like (affiliate links).

What sort of cheese do you advise utilizing for the shredded cheese in this dish?

It’s difficult to fail when cheese is included, so any sort of cheese works here! For melty cheese choices that work well when preparing your egg waffle, attempt cheddar, pepper jack, a Mexican mix, or Monterey Jack.

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Egg waffles on a plate

Egg Waffles with Romesco and Goat Cheese

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Egg Waffles with Romesco and Goat Cheese! Light puffy rushed eggs packed with great deals of cheese, veggies, bacon (if you desire), romesco sauce, and any other garnishes you can picture.

Active Ingredients


Egg Waffles

Egg Waffle Toppings


  1. Mix the base active ingredients together for your egg waffles.
  2. Pour about 1/2 -3/ 4 cup onto a nonstick waffle maker (depending upon the size of yours). I typically spray mine with cooking spray, however that isn’t constantly required if the nonstick is actually great.
  3. Location the cheese pieces on the top and put the cover down. When the light goes off to indicate that it’s done, inspect that the eggs are prepared, veggies are soft, and cheese is golden on top. Eliminate thoroughly to a plate. (Mine is typically golden with soft veggies in simply 1-2 minutes, however if yours isn’t done yet, simply turn it or provide it another minute.)
  4. Leading with all your garnishes! I like goat cheese and pepper and garlic confit, romesco, avocado, and chives, and great deals of salt and pepper. My little women like catsup. All of us win!


Mexican-inspired variation: black beans, Mexican-style cheese, avocado, sour cream, salsa

Broccoli-cheese variation: prepared rice, minced prepared broccoli, bacon, cheese, garlic and onion powder

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