Fall Favorite Maple-Mustard Tempeh Bowls

These tempeh bowls are a real fall preferred! Rubbed kale, sweet potatoes, roasty marinaded maple-mustard tempeh, crispy apple, and an unforeseen stack of briney sauerkraut.

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Hey there fan. Like, wow, actually, HELLO.

This salad is my outright fall favorite, however likewise summertime preferred, and winter season preferred, and every season favorite.

It’s a bowl of feel-goodness that begins with kale rubbed with avocado to make it good and tender and tasty, a high stack of roasted sweet potato and roasty marinaded maple-mustard tempeh, some sweet crunch and color from an apple, and a little something unanticipated, salted, and briney from the sauerkraut.

I UNDERSTAND, I understand, I understand you you believe the sauerkraut is such an odd concept. I texted my sis excitedly about this dish after I made it (she is vegan) and she resembled, alright however um … no to the sauerkraut. Individuals are not going to like the concept of it. I will be mocked. I comprehend this.

However please a minimum of attempt it prior to you vote me off the island it includes saltiness and a bit of that delicious funk that makes every bite that a lot more zippy and amazing.

Ingredients for maple mustard tempeh bowls. Each ingredient has text over the top in a purple bubble.

Tempeh All The Method

I am relatively brand-new to tempeh (you too?) and do you understand what? It is incredible. Budget-friendly, interesting, tough, nutty, and chewy in a a lot more intriguing method than tofu, and keeps me complete all day.

The Component Particulars

Here’s what we have going on for our brief active ingredient list:

The marinade for the tempeh is so easy therefore standard and yet so NEXT LEVEL for the sweet, a little punchy, tasty taste it provides to the whole bowl.

Maple mustard tempeh in a white bowl with a spoon.

Make These Bowls Come Together

Your sweet potatoes and tempeh get roasted up, your kale gets a good massage with the avocado to actually simplify and make it into something you’re really thrilled to consume, and the crispy apple and sauerkraut complete the taste and crunch element to make this bowl simply a gorgeous cornucopia of wholesome fall consuming.

And did I state this? the tempeh lasts incredibly well as leftovers, so it works wonderfully as an SOS meal due to the fact that you can conserve the roasted sweet potatoes and tempeh and construct yourself a good lunch or supper salad all week long.

Maple mustard tempeh bowls in a grey bowl.

Did I crown the entire thing with a bit of a crispy onion scattering? Yes I did, since that’s how I like to live my life, alright? Crispy onion garnishes are simply a method of being for me today.

If it’s possible to be consumed with a salad/ bowl/ wholesome gang of vegan goodness, I am 100% there with this thing.

God bless food for being so terrific. ♡

Maple mustard tempeh bowls in a grey bowl with a gold spoon. There's extra dressing and tempeh on the side and a blue napkin under the bowl.

Maple-Mustard Tempeh Bowls: Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t discover tempeh. Will this deal with tofu rather?

Definitely! It would be tasty with tofu.

Will this keep as leftovers?

Certainly! This is really a terrific dish to meal preparation and conserve for lunches throughout the week. Simply keep your bowl components different from the dressing and drizzle on the maple-mustard goodness right prior to consuming.

What type of kale did you utilize here?

Curly kale, however dino (lacinato) kale would likewise work.

Prefer To See Rather Of Check Out?

Source notes: I have actually been on a YouTube dish video bender recently, and Sugary food Potato Soul has actually long been among my preferred sources for enjoyable vegan dishes and way of life videos. ♡ This dish from Jenné was the one that motivated this dish! Her salad consists of a couple of more components, and cooks the tempeh and the sweet potato independently. It’s beautiful. In an effort to make this as manageable and SOS-friendly as possible, I simply downsized on the active ingredient list and roasted the tempeh and sweet potato together on the exact same pan.

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A picture of Fall Favorite Maple-Mustard Tempeh Bowls

Fall Favorite Maple-Mustard Tempeh Bowls

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These tempeh bowls are a real fall preferred! Rubbed kale, sweet potatoes, roasty marinaded maple-mustard tempeh, crispy apple, and an unforeseen stack of briney sauerkraut.



The Maple-Mustard Dressing:

The Bowl Things:


  1. Make the dressing and marinade tempeh: Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Shake dressing components in a container. Marinade the tempeh in about half of the dressing for about thirty minutes, or simply while the oven warms up.
  2. Roast tempeh and sweet potato: Location marinaded tempeh (with marinade) on a flat pan. Include sweet potatoes to the other half of the baking sheet. Drizzle with oil, spray with salt, and roast for 25-30 minutes. When both are browned and roasted, toss the tempeh with a little bit more dressing so it takes in great deals of mapley-mustardy taste.
  3. Get the kale all delicious: Pro pointer: location the kale in the exact same bowl that the marinaded tempeh remained in so it can get onto all the remaining marinade in the bowl. Massage the kale with a bit more dressing and the avocado, so the avocado type of smashes into the dressing and makes it tender and a bit velvety.
  4. Toss and serve: Gamble the roasted tempeh, sweet potato, kale, sauerkraut, in a huge bowl with any other bonus that you like. I indicate, RIGHT?! It’s shockingly excellent.


Dressing: If you like dressing (I do), you might wish to double up on the dressing quantities simply to ensure you have enough for your leftovers.

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