Favorite Pumpkin Granola

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Okay, fine, fine. Hang on for a hot second.

Pumpkin Granola remains in your house today and it is smelling reeeeeal good up in here.

This granola is my whatever. Notes of cinnamon, warm nuts, maple, and caramelized pumpkin, additional salty-sweet and crispy, roasty to the max. I believe I am legally going on 2 week directly of having this fall excellence for breakfast and I have precisely absolutely no strategies of stopping. Perhaps I simply made another batch of it and possibly I do not prepare to provide it away. What are you gon na do about it?

A spoon holding a full scoop of pumpkin granola.

You understand when you reach a point where you need to begin bribing yourself to do things? Like, life is simply a lot, and carrots on sticks end up being valuable?

” If you ___ (make your bed), you can have ___ (a pint of ice cream).”

” When you ____ (go grocery shopping), you can select a ____ (frozen pizza).”

” As quickly as you complete ___ (exercising, aka strolling for 20 minutes), you can ____ (Netflix binge).”

I hope you will not provide me the side eye when I inform you that, in total severity, I OWN ADULT OBLIGATION STICKER LABELS. And I utilize them. I put them in my organizer on my great days to commemorate the reality that I am adulting today. That no, I did not stop whatever and see television for 12 hours directly. That I am, in reality, imitating a typical individual despite the fact that my bed is particularly comfortable recently.

They are real sticker labels did I state that currently? in the shape of little awards, and they state things like (and I price estimate):

A pan of pumpkin granola on a table.

I understand a few of you understand. You understand this season. You understand this sensation.

I see you and I state: pal, let’s get you some Pumpkin Granola.

Pumpkin granola on top of yogurt and topped with honey.

If there’s something that makes you seem like you can deal with life, it is baking an XL batch of homemade pumpkin granola, and, as an outcome, making your home odor like the candle light shop at the shopping center, and, as an outcome, getting to consume homemade pumpkin granola for breakfast all week, and, as an outcome, being advised with each crunchy, salty-sweet bite just how much of an employer you are.

In some cases these things are simply legally recovery, you understand?

A plastic bag filled with pumpkin granola.

We can do dis.

Pumpkin Granola will be our guide.

Might the cozy-wonderful force of fall be with you today! ❤

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Pumpkin Granola with yogurt.

Favorite Pumpkin Granola

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Pumpkin Granola that is both salted and sweet! Made with REAL PUMPKIN in addition to oats, coconut, almonds, pistachios, maple syrup, cinnamon, and olive oil. My preferred fall granola! ♡ Adjusted from the Last Granola Dish by my pal The Faux Martha.

Active Ingredients


  1. Preparation the Pumpkin Granola: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix the dry active ingredients together (oats, almonds, pistachios, coconut). Blend the damp active ingredients and spices together (pumpkin, olive oil, maple syrup, salt, cinnamon). Put damp active ingredients over the dry active ingredients and stir to integrate.
  2. Bake the Pumpkin Granola: Spread the granola into a big nonstick jelly roll pan or cake pan I do this on 2 different pans or in 2 batches. Bake for 15 minutes; stir; bake for another 15 minutes. Eliminate from oven and let rest it needs to begin to crisp up.
  3. Consume and like: Shop in a plastic zip-top bag for a week approximately. Serve with granola, fruit, or simply with great ol’ milk.


Salt: Yup. 2-3 teaspoons salt is not a typo. This dish, as composed, is implied to be salted! I like it that method. I make my own with 2 1/2 or 3 teaspoons salt, and it offers it an incredible salty-sweet bite, however if you’re not into the salty-sweet thing, you can certainly minimize that quantity. In any case, understand that the unbaked granola “batter” will taste really salted, and fear not that saltiness mellows out wonderfully after you bake it.

Bake times: There is a great line in between completely toasted/ caramelized and directly burned pumpkin granola. I discovered that the 30 to 40 minute mark was my cut-off in our smaller sized studio oven, whereas in my bigger oven in your home I got away with about 45 minutes. I had numerous batches that I popped back in the oven for an additional 5 minutes and they went from browned to burned actually rapidly, so beware. That being stated, even if you get a little additional browning (not burning, simply browning) around the edges, I believe that in fact tastes actually good when combined with the remainder of the granola. Was that total simply incredibly valuable?

Pro Idea: Sprinking raw or brown sugar and a little bit of additional salt over the top of the granola as it cools is never ever a bad concept.

Other add-ins that work well: pecans, walnuts, chia seeds. However be recommended that the pecans and walnuts both burn quite quickly so I would recommend including them towards completion of the baking time. The pistachios appear to be able to deal with the heat a bit more, so I discovered that it worked simply great to include them with all the other active ingredients.

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