Food Storage Tips (Make Your Food Last Longer)

If you’re having a hard time to discover dishes that match your materials today, I’m right there with you. Grocery materials in Kansas City are crazy today. I got an excellent laugh on Monday, when the automated Whole Foods shipment system recommended frozen French french fries as a replacement for sun-dried tomatoes.

While we’re all attempting to maximize what we have at house, I believed I ‘d share my finest suggestions on how to maintain your active ingredients. I hope this post uses a couple of helpful suggestions that you can bring into much easier times. Here’s what you’ll discover in this post:

  • General Food Storage Standards
  • Greens & Herbs
  • Fresh Fruits & Veggies
  • Bread & Baked Product
  • Dairy & Eggs
  • Nuts & Whole Grains

Throughout the areas, I have actually attempted to provide recommendations throughout for when you have excessive or not enough of something.

Last but not least, please utilize my component index or the search bar for any component you wish to consume, and examine dish remarks for replacements that have actually worked for other readers! We’re going to make it.

romaine lettuce in OXO salad spinner

General Food Storage Standards

” The rotten apple ruins his buddy.” Benjamin Franklin

Let’s take Ben’s suggestions rather actually this time. One musty apple can cause a lot of musty apples, since the mold will spread out trying to find a brand-new food source.

Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Analyze your fresh fruit and vegetables typically and dispose of any bits that are turning mushy or revealing indications of mold. If there’s an elastic band or twist-tie around your fruit and vegetables, eliminate it as quickly as possible those parts begin spoiling initially.
  • Shop your fruits independently from your veggies. Ripe fruits launch ethylene gas, which motivates whatever close-by to ripen or ruin.
  • Shop fresh fruit (avocado, pineapple, mango, peaches & all family members) and avocados that are not yet ripe at space temperature level. When ripe, move them to the fruit drawer to slow their putridity.
  • Practically all strong vegetables and fruits will keep for a minimum of a couple of days at space temperature level, if requirement be.
  • Square containers are perfect, given that they inhabit about 25 percent less area than round ones.
  • Now may be an enjoyable time to make fast pickles. You can make pickle onions, radishes, carrots, cauliflower, peppers and more!

Last but not least, trust your eyes and your nose above all else. Use-by dates are estimates.

Greens & Herbs

parsley and garlic

Leafy Herbs (Cilantro, Parsley and Dill) and Green Onion

To keep your store-bought cilantro, parsley and green onion fresh for as much as 3 weeks, eliminate the elastic band around the base ASAP. Shop them in mason containers filled with a couple of inches of water.

Treat them like an arrangement of flowers sometimes cut completions of the herbs (not green onions), change the water, and eliminate any rotting pieces as you see them. The herbs will keep finest in the door of the fridge with a fruit and vegetables bag over the top, however they likewise keep quite well at space temperature level, out of direct sunshine.

Out of fresh herbs? For dishes that require a percentage of fresh herbs as an accent or garnish (state, less than 1/2 cup), you have a couple of alternatives. You can merely omit them, or alternative dried herbs, or in some cases, you can replace one herb for another (cilantro and parsley are sometimes interchangeable, however cilantro would likely taste out of location in an Italian meal).

When replacing dried herbs for fresh, utilize one-third of the quantity defined (so if a dish requires one tablespoon which is 3 teaspoons fresh dill, utilize one teaspoon dried dill). You can constantly include more if wanted.

ingredients in bowl

Packaged Fresh Greens

When opened, put a paper towel inside the bag or cover prior to resealing. The paper towel soaks up excess wetness and keeps your greens fresh longer. If your greens was available in a clamshell, safely attach the cover and shop the greens with the cover side down.

kale pesto ingredients

Tough Greens: Chard, Collard Greens and Kale

These greens will in fact keep at space temperature level for as much as a couple of days, however will keep longer in the fridge. Eliminate the elastic band at the base prior to keeping in the bag.

Utilize the entire stem: If you do not mind additional texture in meals that include prepared greens, slice the stems of strong greens into little (1/4-inch large) pieces. Prepare the stems for a couple of minutes, up until quickly pierced through by a fork, prior to including the greens.

Bonus greens? Usage this quick-cooking strategy and serve them as a side meal. Or make kale salad or lentil soup!

Dehydrated greens? You can typically resuscitate limp greens and leafy herbs in an ice water bath.

Fruits & Veggies



Apples will keep for a week at space temperature level, or a number of weeks in the fruit drawer.

Bonus apples? Make applesauce, apple steel-cut oatmeal, or discover more apple dish here.

how to store asparagus and how to snap off the woody ends


Shop asparagus in a mason container or comparable, with a number of inches of water inside. Cover the leading with a fruit and vegetables bag, if you have it, and shop in the door of the fridge if possible.

Bonus asparagus? Roast it.

avocado dip ingredients


Shop underripe avocado at space temperature level up until adequately mature. To accelerate this procedure, location it in a paper bag with an apple or banana (they consist of ethylene gas, which will motivate ripening).

Once the avocados are ripe (they yield a little to a mild capture), save them in the fridge to slow excess ripening.

When cut open, the very best method to avoid avocado from turning brown is to save it in a little container with a piece of cut onion. The substances in the onion help in reducing browning, think it or not!

Bonus avocado? Make avocado toast, guacamole or velvety avocado dip. Discover more avocado dishes here.

Out of avocado? If a dish requires avocado as a garnish, omit it or include something velvety rather possibly a dollop of sour cream will do.

mashed bananas


Shop underripe bananas at space temperature level up until adequately mature.

Or, freeze ripe bananas for future velvety healthy smoothies. Peel them and slice them into 1-inch sectors. For finest outcomes, freeze them on a rimmed baking sheet prior to moving to a freezer bag (otherwise they’ll stick, however I constantly mange to pry them apart).

Overripe bananas? You remain in luck they’re ideal for sweet deals with, like banana bread or banana pancakes. Discover more banana dishes here.

how to slice carrots

Beets, Carrots and Radishes

If they got back with good greens connected, eliminate the greens and prepare them up in some olive oil ASAP. The greens decay far quicker than the connected veggies.

Eliminate any elastic band and shop these veggies (without the greens) in the veggie drawer of your fridge. Or, they’ll keep for a couple of days at space temperature level if you’re restricted on storage.

Bonus carrots? Make velvety roasted carrot soup, French carrot salad, carrot ginger dressing, or ideal roasted carrots. Discover more carrot dishes here.

Bonus radishes? Pickle them or make lentil-chickpea salad.

tart components

Berries and Cherries

Berries are fragile. They will last for a number of days at space temperature level, however the fridge’s fruit drawer is finest (shop them on top of whatever else so they do not get smushed). Make certain to eliminate any berries that are spoiling. Rinse berries on an as-needed basis; keeping them with water beads on them will motivate decay.

Bonus berries? Consume! You might attempt this vinegar-wash service to extend their life. Or, wash, air dry totally and freeze for later on. Utilize the search bar to discover a range of dishes that require berries and cherries.



Celery is finest kept in the bag it was available in, with a number of little air shaft, in the fridge’s veggie drawer. (Eliminate any elastic band around the celery prior to keeping.) If it goes limp, sufficed into a couple of areas and soak it in some ice water to attempt to restore it.

Bonus celery? Slice and freeze for future cooking, or make crisp celery salad or this celery and olive appetiser. Discover more celery dishes here (numerous are soups).

Out of celery? If you’re making a soup that requires a lot of active ingredients, you can likely omit it.

grapefruit and orange slices


Citrus keeps well at space temperature level for as much as a week, or 2 to 3 weeks in the fridge’s fruit drawer. Make certain to eliminate any citrus that is squishy or musty prior to it infects the others.

Bonus citrus? Make mimosas with fresh-squeezed orange juice, margaritas or cilantro-lime rice with lime, or traditional hot toddies or hummus with lemon.

Out of citrus? For dishes that require fresh citrus juice as an intense accent, you can likely replace vinegar. Attempt a moderate vinegar, possibly rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Start with less vinegar than citrus, and include more to taste.

onions in vinegar

Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onion need to be kept in a cool, dark location with excellent ventilation not in the fridge, not in a plastic bag. They can last for about a month under perfect conditions. Do not save them in the exact same bin with potatoes, given that potatoes launch wetness.

I hardly ever utilize just a part of an onion, given that onions lose their taste rapidly when they have actually been cut into. You can cover a part of cut onion firmly in cling wrap and shop it in the refrigerator. Utilize it within a couple of days.

Bonus garlic? Roast it and smear it onto bread, or perhaps make roasted garlic bread.

Bonus onions? Quick-pickled onions are specifically excellent with red onions, or make mujadara (lentils and rice with caramelized onions).

ginger tea ingredients


Shop ginger in the fridge’s veggie drawer. It will keep for a week or 2.

Bonus ginger? You can freeze it and grate it on a microplane later on (even when it’s frozen). Or make ginger tea, ginger vinaigrette or carrot ginger salad dressing.

Out of ginger? You may attempt powdered ginger from your spice drawer rather. This will work much better in prepared dishes than in raw dishes that are extremely ginger-dependent. Attempt utilizing one-third of the quantity of powdered ginger as fresh (so utilize one teaspoon powdered ginger if the dish requires one tablespoon 3 teaspoons of fresh ginger).

how to make jalapeño relish


Fresh peppers will keep for a number of days at space temperature level, however last a week or longer in the fridge’s veggie drawer.

Bonus bell peppers? Make marinaded peppers utilizing what you have, or chop/slice them and freeze for later cooking. You might likewise make veggie paella or lentil and couscous packed peppers, which otherwise require kitchen active ingredients. Discover more bell pepper dishes here.

Out of bell peppers? If you have actually rattled roasted bell peppers, they’re a terrific alternative. Otherwise, simply increase the quantity of other veggies required in the dish, or include something else, like carrots.

Bonus jalapeños? Make fresh jalapeño relish, shatta or quick-pickled peppers. Discover more jalapeño dishes here.

Out of fresh jalapeños? Attempt pickled jalapeños, or include a spicy kick with red pepper flakes or a couple of dashes of hot sauce.

sweet potatoes

Potatoes and Sugary Food Potatoes

Shop potatoes and sweet potatoes in a dark, cool location with excellent ventilation not in the fridge, not in a plastic bag. Treat them carefully, as they can bruise.

Bonus potatoes? Make crispy potato wedges, hash browns, or discover more potato dishes here.

Bonus sweet potatoes? Make baked sweet potato french fries, ideal roasted sweet potatoes, mouthwatering mashed sweet potatoes, or discover more sweet potato dishes here.

heirloom tomatoes


I constantly thought that tomatoes need to never ever be cooled (lest they turn dull and mealy). Major Eats’ substantial screening has actually shown me incorrect. In summary:

  • If you have a little underripe tomatoes from the farmers’ market or your garden that you wish to consume throughout a couple of days save them at space temperature level.
  • Otherwise, save them in the fridge and let them return to space temperature level prior to serving.

Serious Consumes recommends keeping all tomatoes vine-side down on a plate to avoid them from ending up being soft and old and wrinkly. I aspire to attempt it!

Bonus tomatoes? Make pico de gallo. Discover more tomato dishes here.

Dairy & Eggs

how to filter oat milk

Milk and Cream

Shop it in the refrigerator, naturally, unless you purchased a shelf-stable alternative (refrigerate after opening). Constantly offer your milk a whiff prior to utilizing if it smells off, it’s spoiled.

Out of milk? Attempt a homemade option: cashew milk, oat milk, or pecan milk. If a baked excellent dish requires a percentage of milk, you might likely replace water rather.

cream cheese frosting ingredients

Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese and Soft Cheeses

Shop in the fridge. I attempt to keep my cheese and little containers of dairy items in the cheese drawer, so I can discover them more quickly. Wrap partly utilized logs of goat cheese safely in cling wrap.

Utilize your eyes and nose to identify if they are still fresh. I typically see pink mold as the very first indication of decay on these items, or odor something amusing. Toss these products the mold is most likely growing under the surface area, and they are not safe to consume.

Out of the velvety things? If you have cashews, attempt my vegan sour cream it’s a terrific replacement for sour cream, goat cheese, ricotta, and even mozzarella.

mac and cheese ingredients

Tough Cheeses

Shop in the fridge. Cheese specialists will inform you to cover open cheese in wax paper; I put them in resealable plastic or silicone bags. They’ll dry if left exposed.

If you discover a musty area, trim a minimum of 1 inch around and listed below the musty area, making certain not to infect your knife the while doing so.

Out of Parmesan? If you have hemp seeds and dietary yeast, make my vegan Parmesan.

egg in hot skillet with olive oil


Shop eggs in their initial containers inside the refrigerator not in the fridge door. Wondering if your eggs are still fresh? Fill a bowl with cold water and location your eggs (a couple at a time). If they sink and lay flat on their sides (really fresh) or base on one end at the bottom of the bowl (less fresh), they’re great. If they drift to the top, they have actually spoiled.

Bonus eggs? Make a frittata, fry an egg to utilize as a protein-rich meal topper, or discover more egg dishes here.

Out of eggs? For baked items, you can typically replace “flax eggs” or “chia eggs” in their location. Find out more here.

how to make grilled cheese sandwich

Bread & Baked Product

Shop your bread items (consisting of tortillas and pita breads) in the fridge or even better, the freezer, to avoid the development of mold. While it holds true that bread stagnates in the refrigerator, it’s great once you toast or warm it (by “stagnant” I imply that the bread has actually stiffened up/dried out).

If you see any mold (fuzzy bits), the entire loaf/bag is most likely polluted. Do not consume it.

nuts before roasting

Nuts, Seeds, Whole Grains & Flours

Nuts and Seeds

Initially, I constantly advise purchasing raw (not toasted) nuts. They last a lot longer, and newly toasted nuts taste fantastic. Shop them in air-tight bags or containers in a cool, dark location (the fridge or freezer is even much better if you have the area). While nuts sure appearance good in mason containers and strong containers, those containers use up more area than bags with the air ejected of them.

Trial run your nuts and seeds prior to utilizing. If they taste bitter, they have actually spoiled (rancid).

Bonus nuts? Make granola or almond butter (you can include pecans, walnuts or cashews if you ‘d like).

Nut Butters and Tahini

When opened, these are best kept in the fridge. If they taste bitter or program indications of mold, they have actually spoiled and are not safe to consume.

Entire Grains and Whole Grain Flours

Shop these in a cool, dark location in air-tight, sealed bags or containers. They will last even longer in the fridge or freezer, if you have the area. Entire grains/flours do not last as long as more refined alternatives, given that they still consist of some good-for-you oils.

Offer your entire grains and entire grain flours a whiff prior to utilizing. If they smell rancid, they’re ruined.

More resources you may value: Do It Yourself Kitchen Staples, Pantry-Friendly Recipes & Substitutions That Work, and my kitchen wish list, which you can utilize to keep an eye on what you have. You may likewise like my month-to-month seasonal fruit and vegetables guides and necessary kitchen area tools.

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