Golden Grahams Bars

Crunchy, chocolatey, and made with simply 5 components. Even much better: it’s no-bake an incredibly simple to make. Winning!

Golden Grahams Bars. Plain and easy. Like, as in, let’s get retro and return to making bars from a box of cereal due to the fact that HONESTLY IT’S SO GREAT.

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Do you mind? I am going to go complete throwback retro dessert bar on you today.

I have had a MAJOR craving for sweets in the last couple of weeks as you may keep in mind from this Mocha Peanut Butter Pie and these Raspberry Crumble Bars and recently’s Cookie Dough Energy Bites which are sort of dessert masquerading as natural food balls. It’s the infant, I believe, ideal? I can put this on her.

In either case, I CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

These Golden Grahams bars are batting 100% for pleasing every dessert bar desire of my heart recently: crispy, sticky, and 15-minute simple. I likewise enjoy them due to the fact that I matured consuming a great deal of dessert bars (Minnesota represent!) in church basements, sporting occasions, and sleep celebrations. Creme Brûlée? Cheesecake? Tiramisu? Meh, that’s good, however simply cut me a hunk of that marshmallow cereal bar, wouldya?

Factors To Love Golden Grahams Bars:

Spreading Golden Grahams Bars into pan.

Okay, I will get bossy with you.


Close up of Golden Grahams Bars.

If you are not instantly mesmerized by the hot, gooey, chocolate-marshmallow + crispy graham cereal company that simply ran into your face, you may not be human.

At this moment in the “baking” procedure, you will require to stop, go out a spoon, and consume hot, shapeless, melted cereal-chocolate-mallow mash-up for a couple of minutes.

Golden Grahams Bars cut into squares.

As soon as you have actually cut yourself off from the depths of warm Golden Graham bar mix, you are all set to push and cut.

And when your Golden Grahams bars have actually cooled (which takes approximately fifteen minutes yet another factor I enjoy these children), you require to cut them into huge pieces, which is perfect for appreciating your delightfully creviced cross-section of cereal, chocolate, and mallow.

Layers of Golden Grahams Bars.

You men, I make no apologies. This is what I enjoy today.

Enjoy, take pleasure in, take pleasure in!

Watch How To Make Our Golden Grahams Bars (1 Minutes):

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Golden Grahams Bars cut into squares.

Golden Grahams Bars

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Golden Grahams Bars! Crunchy, chocolatey, and made with simply 5 components. Even much better: it’s no-bake an incredibly simple to make. Winning!

Active Ingredients


  1. Preparation: Set one cup of the small marshmallows aside.
  2. Chocolate Mix: Melt the butter, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and vanilla in a big pot over medium heat up until primarily smooth.
  3. Include Golden Grahams: Mix in the Golden Grahams cereal and staying marshmallows. Stir to integrate.
  4. Press Into Pan: Press into a 9 × 13 pan. Let them cool/ strengthen for an hour or 2. Cut into 12 huge bars and feast on like a starving Golden Grahams Bar wolf.


MAKE THESE ALREADY! They are so great.

Utilizing damp hands assists to avoid sticking as you push the warm mix into the pan.

When I made these, I included simply a little less than the whole box of cereal. I would approximate 10 ounces. Here’s why: 1) I like to have a dessert bar that leans towards extra-sticky (greater goo-to-cereal ratio), and 2) it leaves me with a bowl or 2 of tasty cereal to consume. It ought to work great with the entire box if you simply wish to do a tidy sweep of it, however as somebody who has actually made a great deal of these, I’m simply providing you my cereal professional pointer.

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Note: I have an older dish for almost-identical Golden Grahams Smores Bars that I likewise enjoy. The only distinction is that those ones consist of corn syrup, which I neglected of this dish. Does not require it! They were still 100% sticky, scrumptious, sweet, crispy, and summer season rockin.

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