Healthy Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Hiya. I enjoy this chicken alfredo pizza.

this dish

If it weren’t for this entire wheat crust, velvety cauliflower sauce, and chicken cheese combination topping, this would be the longest Friday ever.

It’s a routine school day, however simply to be remarkable for a minute, there is no a/c at school. Translation: I will sweat through my t-shirt by 7:30 am.

Three steps to making chicken alfredo pizza.

And after the routine school day there’s going to be a school program. Followed by a conference, followed by “responsibility” (supper and bedtime regular with the kids so home moms and dads can have some much required time off) and guess who chose to likewise prepare a film night with the older kids AFTER that packed day? Yep. It was us.

15 hour Friday? Doin’ it. With the aid of this superdeliciouspizza.

To be reasonable, Hotel Translyvannia is quite charming and I am 100% persuaded that these are the best kids worldwide. So do not even feel bad for me. More like I feel bad for you that you do not have this pizza in your mouth today.

Friday is and constantly has actually been a pizza night for me. For my household. For my life. It’s strange to believe that I actually have not consumed Pizza Hut or Dominos or attempt I state, ahem, Little Caesar’s, for practically a year now. That is going to be one tacky, remarkable reunion. Crazy Bread, anybody?

Chicken Alfredo pizza slice.

So my Friday pizza thing describes why I invested all today publishing things that like, goes on the pizza. That and the reality that it takes a while to do all this things. I spread it out throughout a couple of days. Beginning with the sauce, then the crust, and ending with the completed appeal.

This is not a 30-minute weeknight supper, unless you have some incredibly speed magic cooking area powers that I do not understand about and if you do, where can I get them? It’s not truly difficult always, you simply require to make a couple of parts ok, well, 2 parts individually prior to you’re gon na have the ability to pop this child in the oven.

Likewise notable: I made this pizza a number of various methods.

See what I suggest? It appears like a various pizza. However it’s the SAME, sort of.

Chicken Alfredo pizza slices on a pan.

This 2nd variation that I made had a thinner crust (exact same dough, simply presented a little bit more) and tomatoes and parsley included as garnishes.

It was more vibrant and more crispy. However the very first one was so great, too with the thick crust and the saucy tacky simpleness. It was a tie. Bjork and I both enjoyed both variations.

You believe this is strange, huh? Okay alright, I get it. Entire wheat crust and cauliflower sauce is not everybody’s thing. Buuuut for those people who simulate to do the cauliflower sauce entire wheat crust thing, this is a significant pizza win.

And the appeal of this is that you can include whatever garnishes you’re yearning. I’m having visions of a future variation of this with a bit of browned sausage, bacon, roasted red peppers, artichokes? would that be strange? Often I have no food filter.

Chicken Alfredo pizza slices on a white surface.

I brought a few of this pizza to my next-door neighbors who have a 3 years of age child. He came a-knocking at the door to return the plate a couple of minutes later on, as he generally does, however this time when he provided Bjork the plate he simply began, um, sobbing. And he would not leave.

After a Cebuano English translation stop working, and a very demanding complete stranger’s kid weeping loudly at your door minute, Bjork stressed and provided him some Unique K crackers. Certainly. Unique K, Bjork? Truly?

However it resembled magic. He stopped weeping and went house although I’m quite sure he desired the cauliflower sauce pizza. We are ending up being the odd food next-door neighbors.

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A picture of Healthy Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Healthy Chicken Alfredo Pizza

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This healthy chicken Alfredo pizza has an entire wheat crust, a velvety cauliflower Alfredo sauce, shredded chicken, and cheese!

Active Ingredients


  1. Prepare the crust. For me, the dish connected about makes 2 12-inch round pizzas. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Divide the sauce in between the 2 pizzas, spreading out about 1 1/2 cups over each unbaked crust. Set up the chicken uniformly over both pizzas and leading with a bit more sauce (about 1/2 cup each). Include the diced tomatoes or any extra garnishes. Sprinkle cheese over the 2 pizzas, about 1/2 cup for each pizza.
  3. Bake for 12 minutes. Switch on the broiler and continue baking for an extra 3-8 minutes, depending upon how browned you desire the top/crust to be. I waited till the edges of my chicken began to brown and the external crust was a little bit more crispy. Serve right away topped with parsley, extra salt and pepper, Parmesan cheese, or a drizzle of olive oil.


The nutrition info is for 1 piece of pizza, out of 16 pieces overall (8 pieces per pizza).

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