Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer

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Today I’m informing you about my most yearned for all-time preferred Indian meal.

Palak: spinach. Paneer: cheese. Healthy Palak Paneer.

It’s coincidentally likewise the unsightly duckling of all food that ever existed. Niiice.

Please, I plead you, I PLEAD with all my food-loving heart. Do not leave based upon impressions or on appearances. I understand it’s simple to evaluate that greeny-mushy part, however I’m informing you today: this meal has the power to alter your life, making you a velvety spinach fan and a paneer hunter and a well-rounded Indian food fan. Plus it will reduce your regular monthly Indian food takeout expenses. Simply me? Alright then.

The night that I made this, Bjork simply occurred to be hanging out in the cooking area with me, which is type of a huge offer. I do not understand what your guys do while you prepare (or possibly they prepare? or possibly you are a guy? hi.) however my own is seldom because hot little cooking area with me. More like on the sofa with an iPhone in one hand and a laptop computer in the other and a Mountain Dew alarmingly near to both. Love you babe.

Man taking a photo.

So this was an unique dual-cooking night, other than rather of cooking, he photographed. We had a heck of a great time. I’m describing the heck of a great time that begins with adorable smiles and high hopes, continues with a couple of stylish remarks about somebody remaining in the cook’s method and a big photography light falling under a pan of spinach, and ending with a huge plate of our all-time preferred meal.

All’s well that ends well.

So while I do not typically do the detailed thing, I wish to do it today to assist you reduce into the making and consuming of the hot green Indian food. And to offer justice to this dish that I have actually constantly, constantly wished to make on my own. If I can do it, I pinky guarantee you can too.

Saute Your Aromatics.

That sounds elegant; it’s not. It’s onions, garlic, a spicy pepper, some canned tomatoes, and a palmful of spices getting all juicy and smell-goody.

Food cooking in a skillet.

Wilt The Spinach.

I have a strange hostility to frozen spinach, so for this I utilized half frozen and half fresh. However the very first time I utilized it I sucked it up and utilized all frozen. You can utilize any kind, in my viewpoint. Simply toss it in and let it get soft, and if you have a little cilantro that can sign up with the gang, all the much better.

Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer - Pinch of Yum


Notification I did not state mix and I absolutely did not state puree up until smooth like silk. Gross. It’s an individual choice thing, however the dining establishment that has actually promoted my love of palak paneer serves a variation that has an extremely textured spinach gravy, so that’s what I enjoy which’s how I make it. It does not need to be chunky, however leave some delicious vegetable flecks to keep things fascinating.

Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer - Pinch of Yum

Include The Paneer (Cheese) and Simmer.

Slice, stir, and let everything get delicious together for a while. Go put your feet up and let your next-door neighbors question what the heck you’re preparing for supper due to the fact that I assure you it smells like spicy paradise.

Something I wish to inform you: paneer is tasty and you must attempt it, however if you do not regular a supermarket that offers paneer, usage company tofu rather. The texture is truly truly comparable which’s what I’m utilizing here. I like to think about it as the suburbanite’s paneer.

Food in a pan.

No more actions, trigger now it’s time to consume.

Get your starving self some naan, some basmati rice, and a huge ol’ fork. You simply made palak paneer that is not just homemade, however absolutely healthy. Well, I indicate, there are huge pieces of cheese that comprise about half of the meal, however you understand what I indicate. That other type of healthy.

Palak paneer with rice on a plate.

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Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer - Pinch of Yum

Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer

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This healthy palak paneer is low-calorie and low in fat! So velvety, spicy, and complete of taste. Perfect with warm naan and basmati rice.

Active Ingredients


  1. Heat the oil in a big frying pan over medium high heat. Saute the onion and chili pepper up until soft. Press the onion and chiil pepper to the side of the pan and include the cumin seeds. Stir the cumin seeds around in the middle for about a minute so they can crackle and pop and bit by themselves.
  2. Include the garam masala, ground coriander, bay leaves, fresh ginger, and minced garlic. Saute whatever together for 2-3 minutes to draw out the tastes. Include the fire roasted tomatoes and saute up until whatever is well blended and the tastes are mixing together, about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Defrost the spinach in a big bowl in the microwave. Press all the excess liquid out. Include the spinach and fresh cilantro to the frying pan. Saute for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Get rid of the bay leaves. Transfer the mix to a mixer or food mill. Pulse a couple of times up until you get the wanted consistency (smooth, however not pureed). Return the mix to the frying pan, and stir in the yogurt and water. Include the salt and paneer; cover and simmer for 10 minutes to assist the tastes continue to establish.
  5. Serve with basmati rice and naan.


Typically (and pleasantly) palak paneer is made with cream rather of yogurt. In this dish, I switched the cream for yogurt to attempt to keep things on the lighter side.

The nutrition info listed below is for 1/6th of this dish and does not consist of rice or naan.

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Simple & Healthy Homemade Palak Paneer - A delicious take on a favorite Indian dish.

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