Honey Lemon Curd

I’m feeling a little on edge today, rather actually. We’re teetering on the verge of spring (cloudy, windy, 68 degrees, and I can’t stop sneezing!). My due date for cookbook production is coming right up. The thriller of closure is getting to me, and I invest excessive time fantasizing how I’m going to utilize my newly found downtime.

I believe I’ll go to India for a month to end up being licensed in yoga. Simply putting that out into deep space.

honey-sweetened curd recipe

This lemon curd is ideal for this minute in time, as citrus is still in season and brilliant colors begin turning up around us. In truth, it’s the extremely exact same shade of yellow as the daffodils I got from Trader Joe’s and the forsythia flowering along the fences in my area.

The curd is tart, however sweet, with additional taste given that it’s sweetened with honey rather of plain sugar. It’s a seasonal reward that shops well in the freezer for later on, in case you wish to bottle it up and relish it over the next number of months.

This curd is both basic and enjoyable to make, without any straining needed thanks to the preparation and cooking technique. It goes through a number of unique stages on its method to ending up being so entirely velvety. I can envision that it would be enjoyable to make with kids around to view as the bumpy, curdled-looking mix gradually smooths into elegant gold liquid, and lastly, right at the verge of boiling it condenses into the most ideal curd you have actually ever seen. Similar to magic.

how to make lemon curd

lemon curd ingredients

best lemon curd recipe

Utilizes for Lemon Curd

  • Spread onto shortbread, sugar cookies, graham crackers (revealed) or ginger/molasses cookies.
  • Leading fast bread, gingerbread, pound cake, olive oil cake, cupcakes, scones, pancakes or muffins.
  • Swirl into yogurt (or include a layer to parfaits), dollop onto ice cream or mix into vanilla icing
  • Usage as filling for tarts or sandwich cookies.

honey lemon curd recipe

honey sweetened lemon curd recipe

Honey Lemon Curd

  • Author: Cookie and Kate
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Prepare Time: 15 minutes
  • Overall Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 2 cups 1 x
  • Classification: Dessert
  • Approach: Stovetop
  • Food: American

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Satisfy the ideal lemon curd dish. This timeless lemon curd is made much better with honey, and it’s so simple to make no straining needed! Dish yields 2 cups of curd.


  • 4 tablespoons saltless butter, diced into 1/2” cubes
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 4 big egg yolks
  • 2 big eggs
  • 1 tablespoon carefully grated lemon enthusiasm
  • 2/3 cup fresh lemon juice (from around 4 big or 8 little lemons)


  1. In a medium bowl, integrate the cubed butter and honey. Beginning on a low speed and developing to greater speeds, cream the mix up until fluffy. I utilized a portable mixer for this.
  2. While beating the mix, gradually include the egg yolks and eggs. Then, include the enthusiasm and lemon juice to the bowl and mix once again. It will look curdled at this moment, however do not fret!
  3. Put the mix into a medium-sized, non-reactive pan (stainless-steel or enameled cast iron must work excellent). Prepare over medium-low heat while stirring continuously with a rubber spatula or wood spoon (it is necessary to stir continuously throughout the cooking procedure, which will take someplace in between 10 to 20 minutes).
  4. Once the mix begins looking smooth and glossy, gradually increase the heat to medium. Continue cooking up until the mix has actually thickened and your spoon fulfills resistance as you stir, which takes place right at the verge of boiling. When the mix is attempting to boil, prepare for about 15 more seconds while stirring continuously, then get rid of from heat. The curd will thicken up more as it cools.
  5. Let the curd cool prior to moving it to an airtight container and screwing on a cover. Shop in the fridge for about 1 week, or in the freezer for approximately 2 months. The curd does not freeze strong, so you can dig as much as you desire right from the freezer!


Dish adjusted from my blood orange and Meyer lemon curd dishes, which was initially adjusted from the Green Market Baking Book and Fine Cooking’s sure-fire technique for lemon curd.
Why purchase natural? It’s usually okay to utilize non-organic citrus as long as you’re simply utilizing the fruit or juice. Because the beyond the fruit are frequently treated with chemicals, it’s finest to stick to natural when utilizing the enthusiasm. I likewise advise utilizing high quality regional and/or natural eggs, for the very best taste and nutrition profile.
Make it dairy free/paleo: I’m quite sure you can utilize coconut oil in location of the butter here. I’m not exactly sure that it matters whether the coconut oil is melted or strong when you determine and whip it. Please let me understand if you offer it a shot!
Modification it up: You can utilize any range of citrus you delight in here, as long as you can get enough juice and zest out of them. I have actually taken pleasure in Meyer lemon curd and blood orange curd. Lime or essential lime would be excellent, too, I make certain.
What to do with remaining egg whites: You might make rushed eggs or an omelet (I like to include a minimum of one entire egg for finest taste) or utilize 3 of the egg whites for these fantastic macaroons.

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