Hot Honey Salmon

This Hot Honey Salmon is producing significant fancy-to-eat-but-not-fancy-to-make vibes. Spicy-sweet salmon covered in fresh garlic, stone ground mustard, sweet honey, and flecks of red peppers flakes. It’s a wonderful little number!

this dish

What looks elegant however in fact comes together incredibly rapidly and makes you seem like An employer with all that huge, spirited taste?

It’s this. It’s Hot Honey Salmon.

And it’s here for us due to the fact that this is the SOS series, and fancy-but-not-actually-fancy is the ambiance we desire.

This is a spicy-sweet little number (hey there, “hot honey”) and it gets its name from the sauce that gets brushed over the entire thing, which is rough from the mustard and flecks of fresh garlic, sweet and sticky from the honey, and a little, medium, or LOT hot from nevertheless lots of red pepper flakes you wan na include there. I can not worry enough how gorgeous it is to take a look at! And it is among those salmon dishes that works for even individuals who aren’t salmon individuals, due to the fact that garlic, honey, stone ground mustard, and some peppery heat are wonderful little marvel foods.

It has to do with the most sure-fire method you might ever believe to make salmon. Disorderly dinnertime, tension, and absence of time and energy is no issue for this charm.

Ingredients for hot honey salmon. Each ingredient is labeled with the name in a purple bubble.

The Active Ingredient Particulars

Our standard/ magnificent active ingredient list:

… Salt? Olive oil? I’m attempting to believe if there’s anything else worth pointing out, however I believe that’s practically the entire shebang right there.

You shock the sauce, you brush the salmon, and you bake it.

That’s the entire dish.

And this is why the SOS series is my preferred.

Hot honey salmon in a bowl on top of a green salad. There's a fork on the side of the bowl.

What To Serve with This Salmon

A professional idea: your sauce can in fact work truly perfectly as a dressing, so conserve a bit in your container, drizzle with olive oil, and toss it on some greens and you’ll nearly right away complete your meal.

This salmon is incredibly flexible set it with those dressed up greens, or steamed green beans from the garden, some roasted potatoes or rice or cauliflower rice or, ideally, HOT CRUSTY BREAD WITH BUTTER, and simply enjoy your life, truly.

Hot Honey Salmon: Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of salmon should I utilize?

Fresh Atlantic salmon or wild sockeye salmon work fantastic here! The Atlantic salmon has a bit more fat in it, so the fish does not dry as quickly. It’s so excellent!

That salad YUM! How did you make it?

Super SOS-friendly salad here. Simply some blended greens of your option and toss a few of that additional hot honey sauce on your salad for a fast dressing. Another concept is this Toasted Bread and Parmesan Kale Salad muah! Delish!

Not a huge salmon fan here. Anything I can sub?

However have you attempted THIS salmon yet? This one may transform you to begin announcing “Salmon 4 Prez!” If you’re still like ♀ ♀ ♀, attempt the hot honey sauce on some chicken or tofu. Yum!

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Hot Honey Salmon

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This Hot Honey Salmon is producing significant fancy-to-eat-but-not-fancy-to-make vibes. Spicy-sweet salmon covered in fresh garlic, stone ground mustard, sweet honey, and flecks of red peppers flakes. It’s a wonderful little number!




  1. Make the sauce: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Mix the sauce active ingredients in a little meal.
  2. Bake the salmon: Line a baking sheet with foil (optional, however makes clean-up a lot easier). Location salmon skin side down. Brush or spoon the sauce over the salmon, getting it truly well covered on top. Bake for 8-10 minutes depending upon preferred doneness and the density of your salmon filets, and broil for simply a couple of minutes at the end to get it additional browned and quite on top.
  3. Complete and serve: Leading each piece with more red pepper flakes. Serve with little lemon wedges, plus a green salad and perhaps (for undoubtedly) a hunk of hot, crusty, buttered bread. Dreamy.


Salad hack: If you make sure not to dip your raw salmon utensils back into the sauce, you can repurpose any staying sauce as a dressing for some spring greens! Simply include a little olive oil and red white wine vinegar, and there’s your dressing. Easy green salad, done.

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