How to Cut a Watermelon

Uncertain where to begin with these red giants? We’re revealing you our preferred methods to cut a watermelon cubes, stars, sticks, and more!

Okay, who amongst us hasn’t carried among these scrumptious juicy, red giants into our cooking areas and after that believed “Wow, where do I begin?” It’s kinda great to have a strategy prior to you begin wielding a knife around that rolly, shaky, seriously-so-giant summertime reward, you understand? And there is a lot possibility beyond your basic cube scenario!

We’re not stating you need to, like, sculpt a shark into it or anything (although please trust us, SOMEBODY HAS DONE THIS), however you might choose snack-sticks, enjoyable shapes, or our favorite: turning that huge ol’ melon into your own little juice keg to the outright marvel of all your celebration visitors. So scroll on, good friends, for all things watermelon!

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How To Cut a Watermelon Like a Pro

There are 5 primary methods we like to cut a watermelon.

  1. Cubes (your requirement cubed scenario terrific for simple snacking, fruit bowls, shakes, and salads)
  2. Triangles ( your cutie watermelon wedge this one has an integrated skin deal with for simple consuming and has actually been voted “Probably to Be Found at a BARBEQUE”)
  3. Sticks (your grab-and-go melon buddy a non-traditional technique however, truthfully, simply a truly enjoyable method to consume watermelon)
  4. Fancy (your extra-special fruit cut simply a fast method to make watermelon appear like the super star it genuinely is)
  5. Celebration Technique (your melon-turned-drink-vessel pop a spigot on the front and instantaneous watermelon juice)

The Fundamental Cube Cut

Collage showing how to cut a watermelon into cubes.

Action 1: Cut completions off of the watermelon to make flat sides. This will assist keep things steady when cutting, so your watermelon does not roll straight off the counter.

Action 2: Follow the shape of the melon with your knife to cut off the outdoors skin, consisting of the white inner layer.

Action 3: Make 1-inch pieces vertically, then 1-inch pieces horizontally to form watermelon cubes.

The Triangle Cut

Collage showing how to cut a watermelon into triangles.

Action 1: Cut ends off of the watermelon.

Action 2: Halve lengthwise, then cut each half lengthwise once again.

Action 3: Make cuts 1-inch apart to develop watermelon wedges. Repeat with the other halves of the watermelon.

The Stick Cut

Collage showing how to cut a watermelon into sticks.

Action 1: Cut ends off of the watermelon, then cut watermelon in half.

Action 2: Put watermelon cut side down. Make cuts 1-2 inches large.

Action 3: Turn the watermelon and make another set of cuts to form sticks. Repeat with the other half of the watermelon.

Action 4: Pull watermelon stands out and delight in!

The Fancy Cut

Collage showing how to cut a watermelon into stars.

Action 1: Cut watermelon in half.

Action 2: Continuing width-wise, make cuts 1-inch apart to develop watermelon circles.

Action 3: Utilize a cookie cutter to eliminate various shapes of melon. Stars are our preferred and so enjoyable!

The Celebration Technique

Collage showing how to cut a watermelon to make watermelon juice with a spigot.

Action 1: Cut a small sliver off completion of the watermelon so it has a flat bottom to stand directly.

Action 2: Cut the rest of the watermelon 1/4 of the method from the top.

Action 3: Dig the majority of the melon from the within and blitz whatever up in a mixer up until it ends up being like a melon puree. This will most likely take a couple of rounds with all the melon dug. Put the fruit puree in the refrigerator for a bit to chill it.

Action 4: Utilizing a knife, cut a little slit in the front where your spigot will go. Press the spigot into the melon and plop your melon in a bowl for stability and serving. Here’s the spigot we utilized *!

Step 5: Put the fruit puree back into the entire watermelon and serve cold.

Is It Much Better To Cut a Watermelon Warm Or Cold?

It’s finest to cut watermelon cold given that it keeps the juices are less most likely to spill out from the fruit and it can hold its shape a bit much better. Plus, it tastes a bit more rejuvenating when it’s cold, cold, cold!

For How Long After You Purchase a Watermelon Should You Cut It?

If you’re saving your watermelon on the counter at space temperature level, we ‘d suggest sufficing up within a week or two. If you’re saving it in the refrigerator (whoa, this fruit infant uses up area), you have a bit more time and can suffice within 2-3 weeks.

For How Long Is Cut Watermelon Helpful For?

After watermelon is cut, shop it in the refrigerator in a sealed container. It tastes the very best if it’s consumed within 3-5 days.

How To Select a Great, Juicy Watermelon

How Do I Know When a Watermelon Is Ripe?

Can You Consume Watermelon Seeds?

The seeds are absolutely great to consume. If you choose however, you can constantly purchase a seedless watermelon.

Favorite Watermelon Recipes We Love

We require to understand! Do you have a preferred cut? Perhaps a method to slice up that huge melon that we didn’t cover? Let’s hear it!

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