Life-altering thirty minutes Masala Sauce

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Okay, men here it is!

Our latest life-altering sauce: thirty minutes masala sauce.

Other than that very first photo isn’t the real sauce. It’s simply the paste, and the paste would be truly extreme to consume given that it’s packed with onions and garlic and turmeric and cumin and cayenne and garlic and lemon juice and cilantro and generally every possible taste product in your kitchen area and more.

So no, we’re not consuming the masala paste. However we ARE going to utilize the paste to MAKE THE SAUCE, which’s what this lavish, velvety, life altering thirty minutes masala sauce is everything about. A taste paste as the base, simmered with pureed tomatoes and coconut milk to extend it into a lavish masala sauce.

And with some Vegetarian Meatballs or Chicken Tikka Masala? GAHHHH

Masala sauce simmering in a pan with a spoon.

Whenever we venture into brand-new dish area (Indian food, Thai food, Vietnamese food) I feel the requirement to repeat that I am not attempting to declare authority or credibility here. To find out dishes that I do not understand much about, I typically see YouTube videos, and Vijaya Selvaraju and Lalit Kumar Kitchen Area are a few of my favorites for Chicken Tikka Masala.

The level of my experience with masala is consuming it by means of takeout together with huge stacks of naan which Indian-restaurant-quality basmati rice that is amazingly a lot better than the things I make in your home. And speaking of the dining establishment basmati rice sorcery: how do they do it? Is it prepared in butter? An unique kind of broth? Unicorn tears? What must I understand?

Masala sauce in a bowl with a spoon.
Masala sauce simmering in a pan with a spoon.

My objective with making this sauce (aside from consuming loads and lots of masala permanently) was to have something that would land at that best crossway in between enjoyable food to consume/ simple active ingredients to purchase/ all set to consume in 30-ish minutes. I likewise wished to put the sauce as its own dish since often it’s simply simpler to construct meals around sauces, right? You possibly currently have some chicken in the refrigerator, and she currently has some broccoli, which man is going to attempt mushrooms and paneer (ummm I’m going to that man’s home).

It’s simply an incredibly versatile masala sauce dish.

This masala sauce dish is life-changingly tasty without needing you to take journeys to several supermarket, and it is going to be all set in a flash and a half, plus you’ll be talented with what I would think about to be among the very best possible self-gifts that might ever exist: an entire container filled with that masala paste so you can work up masala sauce anytime that hangry yearning appears.

Meatballs in a pan with masala sauce drizzle.

( This photo above reveals the sauce without the tomatoes since I forgot the tomatoes that a person time however it was still reeeeally great so I kept the photo. Completion.)

Masala sauce on meatballs in a skillet with a wooden spoon and a napkin.

Imagined above with vegetarian meatballs! Discover the dish here!

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Masala Sauce in a pan with vegetarian meatballs.

Life-altering thirty minutes Masala Sauce

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thirty minutes Masala Sauce! made with onions, garlic, turmeric, cumin, chili powder, lemon juice, cilantro, tomatoes, and coconut milk. Perfect sauce for vegetable or chicken tikka masala! Vegetarian/ Vegan

Active Ingredients


For the Masala Paste:

For the Masala Sauce:


  1. Masala Paste: Pulse all the active ingredients for the Masala Paste in a food mill till smooth.
  2. Masala Sauce: Heat a drizzle of oil in a frying pan. Include 1/4 cup masala paste to the frying pan (not all of it! reserve the rest for future usage yay you!) and with a bit of oil and stir around in the pan till aromatic (3-5 minutes). If you’re making this with chicken or another protein, this is a great time to include your protein to the pan. Include the tomato puree and water and simmer till t’s a rusty-deep-red color about 5-10 minutes. Include the coconut milk; simmer for 10 minutes approximately till thick and velvety. Longer simmer = thicker and much better taste.


Shop the paste in a container in the refrigerator for about a week or shop in the freezer for, well, for most likely permanently. This sauce is fantastic for making homemade chicken tikka masala, however it likewise chooses almost anything ever sort of like a curry. We made this with butternut squash, chicken, and the meatless-meatballs that are visualized. Served over rice … mmmhmmmm. SO GOOD.

If you’re trying to find a smoother masala sauce, like this Chicken Tikka Masala, simply leave out the almonds from the paste. If you choose a chunkier paste, keep the almonds in.

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Nutrition is for one batch of ready sauce divided up in 4 portions (which winds up having to do with 3/4 cup of sauce what? I like my sauces).

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