Life-altering Crispy Fried Pizzas

Definitely the very best method to make pizza in your home! With a fast fry, you get a light, crispy, and completely chewy crust texture than is a lot BETTER than baked. Crispy fried pizza for the win!

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I state: fried pizza. You state: overkill.

However then I state: delicately crispy outside, softest chewy withins, glamorously golden brown, absolutely no percent greasy.

And you state: really, altered my mind.

Welcome to the life-altering approach of crispy-frying your pizzas! I’m honored to be a part of your journey. I definitely imply it when I state that frying your pizzas is a life-altering experience. I consumed fried pizza for the very first time back in 2015 when I went on a journey with DeLallo (who I remain in a really scrumptious long-lasting relationship with, as you can see). My pal Heidi blogged about the fried pizza experience here and really, if you scroll down on that post, you can see a photo of me taking a photo of fried pizza! Yep. That’s me. THINGS HAVE COME CYCLE, PAL.

The majority of us do not have wood-fired pizza ovens at our home, which is why I wish to argue that this approach is truly the very best method to make a light, crispy, airy, however still in some way soft and chewy pizza crust in the simple boundaries of your own cooking area.

So let’s talk it through.

We begin with a DeLallo pizza crust set. They’re simply incredibly simple and incredibly great. Accurate quantity of yeast, genuine Tipo 00 flour, the entire offer.

How To Make Our Crispy Fried Pizzas (1 Minutes):

Package of DeLallo Italian Pizza Dough Kit.

Once the dough is blended and expanded perfectly, we flatten it into little pizzas (I like to opt for more of an individual pan size here) and we fry in a bit of oil. Almost a minute is all you require.

Frying pizza dough in a cast iron pan.

And after that we turn and repeat.

Frying pizza dough in a cast iron pan.

And now our pizzas taste like golden, crispy paradise.

Fried Pizzas before baking on a sheet pan.

To pizza-ify, we top with sauce and cheese and bake in a hot oven till melted and bubbly.

If we are expensive (WE ARE), we end up with pesto, fresh basil, red pepper, Parm, the works.

Fried Pizza with sauce, cheese, and basil on a sheet pan.

How enjoyable is this for a supper celebration?!? I am 100% doing this for my next supper club. I’ll fry the pizzas ahead of time, everybody will bring garnishes, the red wine will stream easily, and stimulates will fly. Here are some pizza topping visions I have actually had:

You people, if you have actually never ever attempted this, it’s time to provide it a shot. It’s not oily, it’s not self-important, it’s not similar to reasonable food. It’s simply simple pizza crust excellence.

Fried Pizzas on parchment paper.

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Pizzas with red sauce, melted cheese, and basil on top.

Life-altering Crispy Fried Pizzas

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Crispy fried pizzas that are light, airy, and the best mix of crispy/chewy. It is the ABSOLUTE BEST method to make remarkable, restaurant-level pizza in your home!

Active Ingredients


  1. Make the dough: Make the pizza dough according to package instructions. Let the dough increase (for DeLallo pizza dough, the increase time is 45 minutes).
  2. Forming the dough: Divide the pizza dough into 6 areas. Roll each into a ball and flatten into a pizza shape (mine had to do with 6-8 inches in size and about 1/2 inch thick around the outdoors).
  3. Preparation the oil: Heat a big cast iron frying pan with oil (about 1 inch deep). Turn the heat to medium/low. Check the oil by dropping a speck of water in it when it sizzles or bubbles, then the oil is prepared.
  4. Fry the pizza dough: Working one at a time, carefully position the pizzas into the oil and fry for 30 seconds to 1 minute till light golden brown. Turn with tongs and repeat on the other side. Transfer to a paper towel lined pan to cool.
  5. End up in the oven: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Spread each pizza with sauce, cheese, and any other garnishes you desire. Bake for 5-10 minutes or till the cheese is melted. Leading with fresh basil, pesto, or anything else you desire and serve warm. And after that take pleasure in those puffy, crispy, personal-pan-sized bites of pizza crust! YUMMMMM.


As the oil got hotter, I discovered that the middle of the dough wished to puff up. I simply utilized a slotted spoon to carefully push in the center while frying which assisted to keep the shape typically flat. You can likewise attempt poking holes in the pizza crust to aid with this.

If your pizza dough is turning deep golden brown, your oil is too hot. Turn it down and let it cool for a couple of minutes prior to frying your next one!

The pizza dough must be totally prepared when it comes out of the oil, so if you can not withstand the golden crispy hot fried bread thing going on (I might not), you may take pleasure in compromising a couple of fried pizza crusts to dip in sauce as an appetiser. YUM.

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