Oatmilk Honey Latte

Oatmilk Honey Latte a tasty homemade early morning reward! Steaming hot, abundant, and dark coffee that’s satisfyingly velvety, hardly sweet, and warm-spiced.

this dish

Holy moly, this is excellent.

Steaming hot, abundant, and dark, however likewise satisfyingly velvety thank you, oatmilk! and simply hardly sweet and warm-spiced … it’s difficult for this not to simply seem like the beverage type of your preferred sweatshirt.

Even with simply a handful of components, the taste is extremely nuanced due to the fact that every container of honey has a bit of a various thing going on, understand what I imply? I might consume these for 100 days in a row and not get tired of them. And I’m presently making great development towards that objective.

Let’s simply take a minute to deal with the truth that I truly do not share a great deal of beverage dishes here. In my reality, I barely seem like I have time to get supper on the table (simply me? anybody?), much less make a perfectly crafted coffee beverage or mixed drink to match the minute (unless it’s this Velvety Cashew Coffee). As a basic life guideline, I choose fast and simple in the house (i.e. open a can of carbonated water) and I conserve my elegant beverages for my dining out experiences. So please understand, when I share a beverage, it’s due to the fact that I truly, truly, truly like a beverage. (Thinking about you, agua fresca.)

While the majority of beverages need excessive energy to make it beneficial for me, the formula is ideal on this one.

The very little effort included + the resulting extremely comfortable taste and texture = worth it. More than worth it. Much better than worth it.

Ingredients for oatmilk honey latte.

Here’s what you require:

You warm up your honey, oatmilk, and salt in a container in the microwave, pop the cover on, and shake it up. Now you put it over your coffee. And you win the cozy-morning-at-home olympics. Completion.

Oatmilk honey latte in a mug.

This has actually been my consistent buddy this fall from the workplace in the late afternoon to the sofa on a cold Saturday early morning. It is pure coffeehouse level deliciousness at regular-person ability and effort level. Cause the comfortable! ♡

Watch How To Make This Dish:

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This latte technique (shake in a container) was one that I saw in the September concern of Magnolia Publication shaking in a container to froth your milk ?! Completely brand-new principle to me. However flavor-wise, primarily this oatmilk honey latte is affected by the Starbucks variation that I like, like, like.

Typical Concerns About Oatmilk Honey Lattes

How can I make this vegan?

We would recommend changing the honey with maple syrup.

Can I make this iced?

That ought to work. We would suggest stirring the honey/oatmilk mix well prior to integrating it with cold brew concentrate.

What else can I utilize besides oatmilk?

Almond milk or coconut milk would work well as dairy-free choices.

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Honey oatmilk latte with a spoon in it.

Oatmilk Honey Latte

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Oatmilk Honey Latte a tasty homemade early morning reward! Steaming hot, abundant, and dark coffee that’s satisfyingly velvety, hardly sweet, and warm-spiced.

Active Ingredients


  1. Put the oatmillk, honey, and salt into a glass container. Microwave for about a minute, till really hot.
  2. Put a cap on the container and cover with a towel (the metal cover will fume). Shake till foamy and scrumptious.
  3. Put your milky mix into a mug. Include coffee. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Your comfortable early morning waits for.


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