Our Favorite Coconut Oil Granola

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However seriously, you people, it’s so so so excellent.

There is no other name for this besides OUR FAVORITE coconut oil granola. My preferred, Bjork’s preferred, my buddies’ preferred, our next-door neighbors’ preferred.

It’s a delightfully golden, rustic-feeling collection of oats, pecans, golden raisins, pistachios, and chia seeds covered with coconut oil + honey + cinnamon and baked to crispy cluster excellence. A lot to like, it’s practically difficult to speak about. ♡

It makes your house odor like cinnamon paradise, and it generates compliments from partners like whoa, and it makes breakfast enough of an occasion to awaken initially Alarm. FIRST ALARM, people. Not that I ‘d ever snooze or anything, however simply stating, for those of you who do. Ahem.


Coconut oil granola.

Typically I do not consider myself much of a granola woman in either the adjective sense or the food-I-like-to-eat sense. I normally reserve 3 times a year to consume granola:

  1. At the cabin in the summer season, when my moms and dads make the world’s biggest batch of granola and all of us remain on the dock with sweatshirts and coffee and little bowls of fresh raspberries and granola and enjoy the sun increase over the lake. SUMMERTIME COME BAAAACK.
  2. Around Christmas time, when I’m attempting to find out what to offer my next-door neighbors and buddies, and big batches of granola in containers with a ribbon around the top are all of a sudden the prettiest, most giftable thing ever.
  3. Throughout the entire month of January when I make a minimum of 600 batches of coconut oil granola to “evaluate the dish.”

I seem like the 3 times a year granola pattern will alter. Would daily granola snackage be excessive to request?

Granola on a pan over the stove.
Granola in a jar with a spoon.

Throughout my 60 day sugar totally free difficulty, I have actually attempted to keep away from baking due to the fact that it’s normally simply an established for something that utilized to be actually excellent to end up being actually, actually bad (unsweetened quinoa cake). > See Stops working. However granola is among those things that makes me feel relaxing, like I’m baking something sweet and tasty, despite the fact that it’s mainly like baking marathon runner’s natural food. So when the sensation strikes and I require to go out the blending bowls and lick something scrumptious off wood spoons, granola it is.

I initially made this dish on an impulse: late night, enjoying Scenario on Hulu, requiring a treat. What else is brand-new tho?

It was entirely without a dish, simply sort of eyeballing the measurements, believing we ‘d wind up with something sufficient to consume over yogurt and fruit. Uhmmm yeah. It was definitely the very best granola I had actually ever made, and obviously, NATURALLY, I had not determined one single thing.

Throughout the next 587 granola batches, I attempted to recreate the not-measured dish, and oh happiest day! I believe I have actually lastly gotten it. I hardly ever “establish dishes” where I make them a bajillion times to get them perfect I’m the kind of individual who would rather ditch the entire thing after 2 shots instead of continue refining a dish. I believe they call it the reverse of client? I have actually been in this manner for a long time now.

However this coconut oil granola deserved defending as evidenced by the year’s worth of numerous batches of granola we have being in containers in our cabinets today. Which is sort of the very best thing ever.

At the danger of being frustrating and stating the very same things permanently, this is OUR FAVORITE coconut oil granola. When you make it, it’ll resemble we’re consuming breakfast together since that’s just how much we like it. Or wait, does that make it much better or even worse?

Pleased weekend, all you granola-ers!

Granola on a sheet pan.

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Coconut Oil Granola on a sheet pan.

Our Favorite Coconut Oil Granola

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This Coconut Oil Granola is our ULTIMATE FAVORITE dish! Made with pecans, pistachios, golden raisins, honey, oats, and coconut oil.


Dry Components

Wet Components


  1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Mix all the dry active ingredients together (other than the raisins reserved for later on). Blend the damp active ingredients up until smooth. Integrate the damp and the dry active ingredients in a big bowl up until the mix is dampened.
  2. Spread the mix on the baking sheet in a thin layer (usage 2 pans if required I simply utilize one 10 × 15 jelly roll pan).
  3. Bake for one hour, stirring every 20 minutes. Throughout the last 20 minutes of baking, stir in the golden raisins. When you get rid of the granola from the oven at the end, do not stir it immediately the granola will form crispy clusters as it cools. Yum!


To make sure clustering, usage 1 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup honey. The more sticky the mix, the more clustering will take place.

I made a couple of batches on parchment paper however I didn’t like how those ended up with the oil sort of taking in into the paper. If you have a nonstick flat pan, I ‘d suggest going without parchment paper.

This dish is not as excellent when you lower the coconut oil. I attempted making this dish with about 1/2 cup coconut oil and it appeared actually dry to me.

Beware with the nuts! If you pulse them in a food mill and they get too great, they’ll make the granola dry due to the fact that it practically imitates a flour. I suggest simply approximately slicing or hardly running them through your processor.

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Favorite Coconut Oil Granola - packed with oats, nuts, and dried fruit and NO refined sugar! This is our all time FAVORITE granola recipe!

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