Raw Raspberry & Vanilla Chia Pudding

Raw Raspberry & Vanilla Chia Pudding

raw raspberry and vanilla chia pudding - The First Mess
I’m going to be straight with you people: I comprised a huge batch of this raw and luscious raspberry chia pudding so that I might consume it for breakfast. It’s completely sweet, quite pink, warm with vanilla, mega-rich with almonds and coconut oil … and insane great for you. Its cool high-end feels a bit incorrect at 8 am, however it is the most best thing ever. Yum.

I have actually been over the moon for chia seeds for a while. For such a little, simple little thing, there’s a lots of power wrapped within. Great deals of hydration capacity (it can take in approximately 9 times its weight in water!), more Omega-3s than flax seeds (without the strong taste), lots of fiber, total protein (4 grams per ounce), and anti-oxidants to boot (a billions year shelf-life, seriously). They shine in lots of applications (in a glass of water with lemon or lime, on top of salads, stirred into yogurt, combined with granola, sprayed in a healthy smoothie, as a binding representative for egg-free baking and so on) and they include a lot.

The hydration/satisfaction element is what gets me one of the most. If I keep in mind to work them into my breakfast, my propensity for mid-morning and late afternoon snacking disappears without an idea since they increase the satiety element with all of that gelling/water absorption action. It’s an useful little dietary addition in the warm months when remaining hydrated is more immediate. My skin favors dryness all year, however it’s visibly more flexible and simply typically extremely charming sensation if I’m making the effort to consume a great spoonful of these seeds a day. Really. One small modification = big result in the viewpoint. Simply fantastic, that’s all I can state.

This charming and nourishing pudding is my newest contribution for the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s regular monthly newsletter, so you’re welcome to inspect it on their site if you like (or register for the great eLifelines newsletter if you live around the GTA and wish to remain in the understand). It’s so enjoyable to see the little seeds take in what is basically a sweetened raspberry almond milk made extremely luxe with coconut oil and vanilla. They resemble extremely orbs of pink richness all lined up in a lovely glass. Did I discuss it’s an incredible post-workout food? It’s formally the summertime of chia seed power, good friends.

raw raspberry and vanilla chia pudding - The First Mess

Print the dish here!
SERVES: makes 5-6 cups
NOTES: As specified above, I enjoy consuming this for breakfast with great deals of fresh fruit. Stir a handful of oats in there and you have actually obtained a relatively hearty breakfast. Likewise, this pudding stimulates that slippery tapioca-ish quality that is either love or hate. Simply keep that in mind:-RRB-

1 cup raw almonds, soaked a minimum of 5 hours
4 cups filtered water
2 cups fresh raspberries (or defrosted, frozen ones)
1/2 cup raw agave nectar, maple syrup, raw honey etc.
2 tablespoon soft additional virgin coconut oil
1.5 tablespoon vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/2 cup chia seeds (white or black)

Integrate the drenched almonds, 4 cups of water, raspberries, agave nectar, coconut oil, vanilla extract and salt in a mixer pitcher. Mix mix on medium-high speed for 1 minute, up until liquified.

Pressure mix through a great mesh screen (or nut milk bag if you have one) into a medium-large bowl. At this moment you will have a sweet, abundant, raspberry flavoured almond milk basically.

Location the chia seeds into another big bowl. Put the raspberry almond milk on the top gradually. Blend intensely to integrate and avoid clumping of the chia seeds.

Permit the mix to sit for a great hour so that the chia seeds can do their thing and thicken up the mix to a pudding consistency. I discover the taste and texture is really bang-on after an over night take in the refrigerator. Blend it up occasionally to even more avoid clumping of the seeds.

Serve pudding with fresh raspberries, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, cacao nibs or anything else you like on top. Shop leftovers in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

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  • Kathryn

    What a best breakfast! I simulate something sweet in the early morning and this appears like it would please that yearning whilst still getting my day of rest to a great start. So quite too! Reply

  • Carrie|acookgrowsinbrooklyn

    My spouse has a newly found fascination with chia seeds he consumes them every early morning in oatmeal. While he hasn’t achieved success in getting me on board with them, I believe this pudding simply was. Reply

  • Wholesome Hedonist

    I seriously simply tweeted that I required to discover a great chia pudding dish, as the one i attempted was an unappetizing, gelationous mess. Reality be informed, I didn’t believe it was possible. And after that here I discover it! Can’t wait to attempt it! Reply

  • Becky

    This sounds and looks scrumptious. I’m questioning could I neglect the coconut oil and maybe replace coconut milk? or something else besides oil? thanks. Reply

    • Laura

      Hi There Becky! You might leave it out entirely if you like. I just include it since I enjoy the richness and light coconut flavour that it imparts. Would be completely great without it though:-RRB-
      L Reply

  • Eileen

    Hey, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with pudding for breakfast specifically when it’s stuffed complete of fruit and grains! I have not dealt with chia seeds yet, however I keep finding out about how excellent they are … I should most likely provide a shot, huh? Reply

  • Kelsey

    LOVE chia pudding. I’m all over the texture however it offers Shaun the shivers … more for me. And hi, take a look at that smile! I seem like I state this all the time, however you are simply lovely! Pleased ladies are the most lovely ladies. Reply

  • sara

    I’m a difficult sell on texture, however it might be ignored for that excellent dietary information! Thanks for the pointers, this looks excellent, Laura. Reply

  • sarah

    Lovely. Actually, every post your pictures are a growing number of stunning.
    And it’s great to see you! You’re a cutie.;-RRB- Reply

  • Kris

    You have actually highlighted their dietary bang so well! It is fantastic to me, even as somebody who totally thinks in diet plan as a basis for illness avoidance and treatment (blah, blah, boring, I know-but it holds true!), just how much diet plan has an influence on our general wellness. I’m studying Naturopathic medication and I am floored a routine basis by the method that food impacts individuals’s health and daily health. Chia is so great for you and you do not even require the dietary information to understand that. You’re certainly seeing the advantages very first hand the very best method!!

    PS. Love the photo. You have a great smile. Reply

  • Hannah

    Hello there Laura first off, that remark about your smile is area on. Lovely! Second, this pudding rocks. We have actually been consuming chia seeds in our tortillas, breads, and other baked items for about a year now so simple to include a spoonful or more, therefore healthy. I have actually never ever attempted among the numerous ‘pudding’ dishes previously however they constantly appeared a little rubbery and/or frightening looking. However this one! I enjoy the method the chia seeds fluff up pink. Likewise, I utilized store-bought almond milk, for what it deserves. Definitely less fantastic, however I didn’t seem like I might manage straining anything after the day I had with my kiddos;-RRB- Reply

  • Basil

    This looks so easy, therefore healthy! I attempted chia pudding as soon as previously, and didn’t like it excessive. I have actually been wishing to provide it another go, however. And the addition of oats sounds excellent, too. Reply

  • Y

    Love the photos! I have actually attempted chia puddings prior to and wasn’t extremely persuaded by the outcome, however I’m absolutely bookmarking this to attempt. Reply

  • Smash

    Amazing pictures! Reply

  • thefoodbucketlist

    This looks definitely fantastic and scrumptious. It’s healthy too! Thanks for the dish will absolutely attempt it.:D Reply

  • Jessica

    Mmm! Chia seeds are the very best thing given that sliced bread. I am so ecstatic to attempt this dish! thanks for sharing:-RRB- Reply

  • Andrea

    I just have ground chia seeds in the house. Would it be fine to utilize them rather of entire ones? Reply

    • Laura

      Hi There Andrea,

      The ground chia seeds would definitely thicken up the mix, however the texture will be completely various than if you utilized entire seeds. It may look like more of a thick porridge. Let me understand how it goes if you attempt it out.
      L Reply

  • Sara Jean

    I’m extremely thrilled to attempt this dish. I have actually been searching for a delicious method to include chia seeds into my diet plan. If I simply utilize shop purchased almond milk, the number of cups should I utilize? Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hi Sara! I would utilize 4 cups of almond milk! If you discover it’s getting too thick for your taste, you can constantly include more:-RRB-
      L Reply

  • Cassy

    I have actually simply discovered your site looking for some raw dishes and I enjoy it. Your pictures are stunning; I might simply keep scrolling through to take a look at them all! Reply

  • Daria

    This looks actually excellent! I typically have some chocolate chia pudding as a 2nd breakfast (almond milk, chia, raw cacao powder, cacao nibs, nuts, figs and sea salt, topped with some fresh berries).
    I have a concern concerning your dish: given that you mix nuts with all other things, what would you make with the pulp? I dehydrate and grind it into an almond meal, however uncertain about doing it in this case Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hey Daria! You might absolutely mix the almond milk pre-raspberries, vanilla and so on (so simply the almonds + water) so that you might strain out and utilize the pulp. Then simply mix the stretched milk with all of the flavour aspects later and continue with the dish as you like:-RRB- Likewise, your 2nd breakfast with chocolate chia pudding and all the goodies sounds AMAZING!
      L Reply

  • Talara

    This dish is definitely fantastic, I make a huge batch a minimum of as soon as a week though have actually discovered I decrease the quantity of water to 3 1/2 cups, otherwise the pudding does not set to the best consistency. As I do not have access to coconut oil I spray desiccated coconut on the top with fresh blueberries and gluten complimentary muesli, so tasty!! Thank you for this dish:-RRB- Reply

  • HL

    this looks definitely fantastic! can not wait to make this! simply one concern, the length of time is its service life? Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hi There HL, given that fresh raspberries are included I would not go longer than 4 days with it in the refrigerator.
      L Reply

  • kmswan


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