Basic Green Salad

Every table requires this Basic Green Salad! Fresh spring greens sprinkled with a maple balsamic dressing and sprayed with whatever crunchies your salad-loving heart desires.

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Thank you a lot, food angels, for advising us that something as basic as intense spring greens and an unbelievable homemade maple balsamic dressing can actually conserve the day over and over and over. Did you get a veggie on the table with the meal? Sure did! And it was this incredibly tasty, a little sweet, incredibly versatile, add-what-you-want/ nix-what-you-don’ t green salad and we are consuming it every day with wild desert.

And this little babe is prepared to welcome you any old time. Supper, naturally. Lunch, yes that makes good sense. Breakfast, you much better think she’s going to shine beside a piece of quiche. It’s all truthfully so simple therefore great.

The Very Best Homemade Dressing

Given that we truly can not take any credit for the spring greens, they’re simply doing their thing, let’s speak about this dressing. It’s got all the components you require to truly make it feel unique despite the fact that it might not be much easier and it’s simply a couple of jar-shakes far from being yours all the time every day. Deep abundant balsamic, a tip of maple sweet taste, a subtle little garlic bite. Simply get whatever together in a container and after that that majesty is going to be at the prepared for you in your refrigerator all week long.

Here’s what you’ll require:

That’s it, frands! Dressing dreams are yours!

Prefer To View Rather Of Check Out?

White hand pouring dressing over a bowl of salad greens.

How To Make This Green Salad (It’s Basic!)

You do not truly require a detailed here due to the fact that it truly just requires shocking the dressing and plopping handfuls of greens into a bowl for mild tossing, however there it is. Dressing component jar-shake, greens plop, donezo. And after that after that it’s truly just the greens plop action because that dressing is currently waiting in the refrigerator for you.

  1. Shake dressing components in a container.
  2. Plop your greens in a bowl for tossing.
  3. Donezo.

Composed it out anyhow, simply in case you didn’t think us.

The genuine appeal of this simple marvel is that it can opt for anything! It’s so great with soup or as a side with a pasta meal, something intense and green to opt for a casserole or seriously, it’s been brunch-fare around here and it has actually been terrific. It’s so quick to unite that even if you think about it at the extremely last 2nd, you can still get it out on the table in under a minute for a great little green increase to any meal. You much better think our refrigerator has actually been gradually equipped with spring greens and dressing swirls for simply such a last-second event.

Green salad in a bowl with dressing on the side.

Gown It Up If You Like

It’s been a meal strategy staple around here simply as is, however it is prepared for any of your salad-making artistry. You can make it as hearty as you like by including some goat cheese or any other you like, possibly a couple of nuts or seeds. Perhaps a little dried fruit in there or a stack of additional veg if you’re slicing. Did somebody reference huge hunky croutons? Yep, that was us and they would certainly be fantastic.

Get some grilled chicken going on that and you have yourself an entire meal outta this person. However then simply please ensure you stockpile on some more spring greens so you can keep popping those on the side at every meal today and seem like a darn elegant champ with this tasty, hardly sweet stunner.

Salad greens in a bowl

Ugh, it’s so fantastic with all the important things. What is that Tina Turner tune? “YOU’RE JUST THE VERY BEST! … The salad that’s gently dressed …”

Not exactly sure if those lyrics are best however … they feel right.

Basic Green Salad: Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time does the dressing stay helpful for?

Dressing keeps well in the refrigerator for a week or more!

What should I serve with this salad?

This matches actually whatever: soups, pastas, casseroles, breakfast I have actually done it all. This is a weekly staple for us.

When should I toss the salad with the dressing?

The greens will begin to soften a bit when the dressing hits, so make sure to toss right before serving for ideal salad texture.

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Close-up of green salad with salad tongs

Basic Green Salad

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Every table requires this Basic Green Salad! Fresh spring greens sprinkled with a maple balsamic dressing and sprayed with whatever crunchies your salad-loving heart desires.






  1. Shake dressing components up in a container. Taste and get used to get it ideal for how you like it.
  2. Toss a generous quantity of spring greens with simply a couple of light drizzles of dressing you wish to get the leaves completely covered in dressing (however not a lot that they get soaked). I frequently utilize my hands to carefully toss it well without breaking all the greens. Serve right away.


I normally do one generous handful of spring mix per individual, and 1-2 circular puts of dressing from the container you truly require less dressing than you believe! Simply require a truly comprehensive toss to coat them well.

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