Skinny Margaritas

Margaritas. I have contrasting sensations about them. On one hand, the simple idea of drinking on a margarita made with the basic supbar dining establishment’s powdered sweet-and-sour mix offers me a stomachache.

On the other, the concept of a naturally sweetened, fresh margarita made with genuine lime juice makes me wish to leap up and down. Genuinely, they are 2 totally various animals.

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When Shoko asked me to add to A Cup of Jo’s “The very best ____ You’ll Ever Have” series, I chose to attempt my hand at improving the real-deal margaritas that I so delight in.

I took this job really seriously, naturally. Massive quantities of tequila were consumed in my mission to develop a margarita dish that withstands the adventurous title of “The very best Margarita You’ll Ever Have.” You’ll discover my improved dish listed below!

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After limiting the percentages of lime to tequila to sweetener, I welcomed my buddy Emily over to assist me complete the margarita dish. She gladly required. We experimented with the components, made a huge mess, tested a great deal of margaritas, got sloshed and, lastly, arrived at the best margarita.

The trick to the best margarita, we found, is to avoid Cointreau/orange liqueur entirely and change it with newly squeezed orange juice. The distinction is impressive.

Fresh lime margaritas recipe -

On Wednesday, to commemorate, I made these margaritas for my good friends Alissa and Jordan. I put the margaritas into their glasses and awaited their responses. Their eyes illuminated on very first sip, and each declared, “No actually, this is the very best margarita I have actually ever had!” It was simply what I wished to hear.

I actually could not be more thrilled to be included on A Cup of Jo. Thank you, Joanna and Shoko! I want you all a fantastic weekend with lots of margaritas.

skinny margarita recipe variations

Skinny Margaritas

  • Author: Cookie and Kate
  • Preparation Time: 5 minutes
  • Overall Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1
  • Classification: Mixed Drink
  • Technique: Shaken
  • Food: Mexican

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Super fresh, slim margaritas made with fresh lime juice, orange juice and agave nectar. The very best margarita you’ll ever have!


  • Kosher salt or coarsely ground sea salt
  • 2 ounces ( 1/4 cup) silver tequila
  • 1 1/2 ounces ( 3 tablespoons/ about 1 1/2 little limes) fresh lime juice
  • 1 ounce ( 2 tablespoons/ about 1/2 of a medium orange) fresh orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon light agave nectar
  • 1 lime wedge or round, for garnish


  1. Put a layer of salt onto a little plate (ideally one simply somewhat bigger than the top of your margarita glass). Trim a little piece of lime and run the damp edge of the piece along half of the rim of your glass. Dip the top of the glass into the salt at a 45-degree angle and roll it from side to side to capture the salt. Include ice to your glass and set it aside.
  2. Fill a little mixed drink shaker with ice. Gather the tequila, newly squeezed lime and orange juice and agave nectar. Place on the cover and shake for 30 seconds. Strain the liquid into your glass and garnish with a piece of lime.


Advised tequila: Usage 100% agave tequila identified white, silver or blanco. I advise Milagro, Hornitos or Espolón.
Salted rim factors to consider: Think about lining the rim of simply half your glass with salt so you can manage just how much salt you taste with each sip (that’s a fantastic suggestion I got from a current concern of Bon Appetit). If you ‘d choose a light scattering of salt all around the rim, simply put an extremely thin layer of salt onto your plate and run the lime slice around the whole rim of the margarita glass. The nutrition info listed below does not consist of the salt on the rim due to the fact that the quantity taken in is extremely variable (and the salt is optional).
Juicing suggestions: I have actually discovered that the most convenient method to juice limes is with this hand-held juicer (the yellow one). Citrus at space temperature level is simpler to juice than cold citrus, so take your limes and oranges out of the refrigerator an hour beforehand. Here’s another suggestion, from Brenda, a reader: Prior to you slice the citrus, roll it backward and forward on cutting board, pushing somewhat. Then suffice in half lengthwise, not throughout! You will get up to 1/3 more juice that method.
Wish to make a pitcher of margaritas? For 10 beverages (about 45 ounces, or 5 1/2 cups), integrate 2 1/2 cups silver tequila, generous 1 3/4 cup fresh lime juice (around 15 limes), 1 1/4 cup fresh orange juice (about 5 medium oranges) and 3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon light agave nectar. Mix well, and include ice. Do not forget to garnish your rims with lime rounds and coarse salt.

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grapefruit margarita and blueberry margarita

Enjoyable Margarita Variations

Remember that fruit contributes liquid and sweet taste, so you may wish to minimize the quantity of agave nectar discovered in the initial dish:

  • Muddle a couple of pieces of juicy fruit like strawberries, peaches, watermelon or mango at the bottom of your shaker prior to including ice and the other components.
  • You can muddle up fresh herbs, like a number of basil or cilantro leaves, for garden-fresh taste or include a slim piece of serrano or jalapeño pepper for heat. Strawberry basil (disappointed) and grapefruit serrano (displayed in the image above, left wing) are both fantastic mixes.
  • Include a little splash of fruit juice and even jam/compote to your shaker. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is among my favorites due to the fact that it cuts through the taste of the tequila. Pomegranate or cranberry juice would be joyful throughout the vacations.
  • For a fruity frozen margarita, mix the standard margarita components in a mixer in addition to 1/2 cup frozen fruit (blueberry margaritas are my preferred, displayed in the image above, on the right) and a couple of ice. Serve over a number of ice to slow the melting.
  • Have a good time with your rim salt Mix in raw sugar or spices, like ground cinnamon or chili powder, to include an additional layer of intricacy to your beverage.

Last But Not Least, if you’re searching for an excellent meal (enchiladas! fajitas!) or treats (nachos, quesadillas) to match your margaritas, take a look at my Mexican dishes. I have more margarita variations here, too!

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