Smoked Salmon Chowder

this dish

You men.

Smoked salmon chowder. With smoked salmon, like the fish. The pink one. However it’s smoky and rustic and making me feel all moutainy and wild.


Mmk well, for beginners, I am right here and now a tourist in Seattle after 15-something hours increasing the coast in a charming little Prius, and I am love-love-loving it. We simply showed up tonight and we, uh, have not been anywhere besides the hotel, however I can simply pick up that I enjoy whatever currently is that permitted? Likewise, we have breakfast appointments all set to choose intense and early tomorrow early morning since I can’t not consider these things, you men. I am presently looking down a box of Portland’s finest Voodoo Doughnuts on my little hotel desk here that I make sure would make a great Oreo-and-peanut-butter-encrusted leftovers breakfast, however it in some way seems like a waste not to eat in restaurants as much as possible in this food paradise of a city.

Which advises me, thank you x100 for your dining establishment recs on Facebook. I am studying them like some sort of food lover travel handbook and they are what led me to tomorrow early morning’s breakfast which I’m currently drooling over. Going to sleep excitedly considering when I get to get up and consume breakfast is the top clich é of my life today.

Second Of All (we were addressing the concern WHO AM I TODAY in recommendation to Smoked Salmon Chowder, in case you lost track back there in all the wordssss), I am a dedicated consumer to a sweet little dining establishment called Coffee shop Latte in Saint Paul. Can I get a shout out from anybody who shares my love on this one? The turtle cake? The chicken chili? Most just recently I am an eater of Coffee shop Latte’s smoked salmon stew-like-chowdery-delicious-creamy-soup-in-a-bowl. Wow, buddies. Run yourself there today if you reside in the Twin Cities. This things is heaven-sent.

Onions, celery, and carrots in a pot.

The important things you ought to understand is that I am not the sort of individual who would simply up and pick a velvety smoked salmon soup over chili and even a white bean and kale Tuscan-y type thing. No. That’s simply not my life. How-ev-er, the person serving me my food from behind the counter on the salmon soup day explained it to me as something you ‘d consume right before snuggling with a blanket and sleeping.

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