Spicy Shrimp Veracruz

Shrimp Veracruz my brand-new preferred dish!! Juicy shrimp in a pepper/ tomato spicy, briny sauce served over rice. Oh my gosh, THIS IS SO GOOD.

this dish

You people, Shrimp Veracruz is so excellent, and it’s likewise so unusual, and likewise so excellent. Did I state that? Simply MEGA DELICIOUS.

Therefore this is where I check your obligation to Pinch of Yum. Trust?

It’s difficult for me to articulate why I enjoy this apparently bizarre-o mix a lot. However I believe it has something about the restorative nature of sauteing great deals of peppers and tomatoes and garlic, the sizzle of the red white wine in the hot pan, the briny bursts of capers (my favorite) followed by sweet bites of golden raisins, plus simply adequate heat from the marinaded jalapeños to playfully bite back. Likewise: because the shrimp simply get carefully prepared practically kinda poached on top of the entire sauce, they preserve a very fragile and sweet taste that is simply … YUM.

Loaded over rice, hot out of the frying pan? DONE. Video game over.

I discovered of Shrimp Veracruz by method of a Blue Apron meal, and I have actually simply been hot on the path of this active ingredient mix since. The web informs me that Shrimp Veracruz usually has green olives and usually does not have golden raisins. However dang, those bites with the plumped up golden raisins are not something I want to compromise at this moment in my life.

Ingredients for spicy shrimp veracruz in bowls.

Here are the notable gamers in the Shrimp Veracruz video game:

And simply when you believed life was typical, this occurs:

Let’s stroll this out. Initially, you saute your tomatoes and peppers and garlic and things.


Adding wine to skillet of peppers and tomatoes.

Then, when you have a bubbling frying pan, you include your shrimp on the top and simply let them prepare ever so carefully.

When they’re done, stir them in and capture lemon over the whole thing since you’re an adult and you understand how to enjoy yourself.

Spicy shrimp veracruz in a pan.

Plate up some steaming rice and scoop your shrimp and sauce mix over the top.

Lemon wedge check.

Parsley sprays since you expensive check.

Spicy, briny, vibrant tastes bringing you to an entire brand-new world CHECK CHECK CHECKCHECKCHECK.

Spicy shrimp veracruz in a bowl with rice.

As you understand, I do not really understand what I’m speaking about when it pertains to Shrimp Veracruz, so for more genuine Shrimp Veracruz dishes, take a look at this dish from Gabriela Cámara and this video from Paul Sanchez.

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Spicy Shrimp Veracruz with rice.

Spicy Shrimp Veracruz

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Shrimp Veracruz my brand-new preferred dish!! Juicy shrimp in a pepper/ tomato spicy, briny sauce served over rice. Oh my gosh, THIS IS SO GOOD.



  1. PEPPERS: Heat the olive oil in a big frying pan over medium high heat. Saute peppers for 5-10 minutes till they’re great and soft.
  2. TOMATOES AND THINGS: Turn the heat to medium (to prevent burning the garlic). Include the tomatoes, garlic, jalapeños, capers, raisins, oregano, and salt. Saute for 5-10 minutes till it’s all aromatic and tasty and the tomatoes have actually launched a few of their juices.
  3. SAUCE HAPPENING: Include the white wine sizzzzzzle. Include the water, a little at a time, and simmer for another 5-ish minutes till it’s reasonably saucy.
  4. SHRIMP: Location the shrimp on top of the sauce. Sprinkle with more salt/ pepper. Prepare on one side for 4-5 minutes. Flip and cook on the other side for 1-2 minutes.
  5. DONE! Serve the saucy, briny, reasonably hot items over hot steaming rice. Squeeze a lemon or lime over the leading to be absolutely additional.


I advise utilizing an extremely large frying pan so you can fit all your shrimp in a gorgeous single layer on the top! If you can’t fit them, you can likewise simply stir them into the sauce and let them prepare for a couple of minutes that method.

I like to include the water a bit at a time, so I begin with about 1/2 cup, and after that include 1/4 cup as it simmers down. You can have fun with the texture of the sauce by including liquid white wine, lemon juice, water, and so on. However you can’t get liquid, so simply include thoroughly.

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