Spring Roll Bowls with Sugary Food Garlic Lime Sauce

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Very delighted to present you to a brand-new little woman today.

She is my preferred bowl to date this originating from a serial bowl-recipe addict and she is packed with good ideas like rice noodles, sweet garlic lime sauce, peanuts, rainbow veggies, and mint/ basil/ cilantro, and she’s here to state HI GOOD FRIENDS I ENJOY YOUUUU

She is the SPRING ROLL BOWL, making her look in the nick of time for SPRING as in the time of year when weather condition is expected to get warm and bright and happy-fresh.

* looks outside, sees snow falling, returns deal with to spring roll bowl *

How To Make Our Spring Roll Bowls (56 SEC):

Spring roll bowl with a drizzle of sauce with a spoon and a fork.

Serrano Peppers.

I constantly need to state it, due to the fact that it’s that essential for a dish that includes fish sauce: DO NOT SMELL THE BOTTLE.

Fish sauce is that pleasantly mystical compound that smells deathly however, no, genuine it tastes like magic when integrated with the best good friends: lime juice, brown sugar, garlic, and the other normal suspects. Today is our day to be the fish-sauce-charmers who draw out the very best and just the very best of the fish sauce, which indicates, above all else, do not let the desire to simply examine if it still smells as bad as it did last time get the very best of you. IT STILL SMELLS SIMPLY AS BAD, OKAY?

The herbs, on the other hand, odor much better than ever due to the fact that spring! brand-new life! The mint and cilantro and basil together it’s actual food paradise to integrate the cool freshness of that herb trio with the saltiness and tang of the sauce.

We remain in that unfortunate season of Minnesota life where purchasing basil indicates paying $4 for that little plastic bundle with essentially 3 single basil leaves in it however we are quick approaching the time when fresh herbs (basil consisted of!) are ending up being quicker offered in more than three-leaf plans, at which point I will undoubtedly decrease myself to living exclusively on the lushness of these flavor-packed spring roll bowls you understand, in order to live seasonally. I can take one for the group on this.

Spring roll bowl on a napkin with a fork.
Spring roll bowl.

I simply have a truly great sensation about just how much you’re going to like this.

If you liked the Vietnamese Chicken Salad …

If you like to construct meals based around whatever remains in your refrigerator …

If you like to anticipate your lunches …

If you like spring rolls with that addictingly scrumptious sweet dipping sauce …

My good friend. This has your name ALL-OV-ER-IT.

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Spring Roll Bowl with a fork.

Spring Roll Bowls with Sugary Food Garlic Lime Sauce

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Spring Roll Bowls basil, mint, rice noodles, fish sauce, brown sugar, lime juice, and whatever other protein and veggies you have on hand! Easy to make meatless!

Active Ingredients

For the Sugary Food Garlic Lime Sauce:

For the Bowls:


  1. SAUCE PREPARATION: Pulse the sauce components together in a mixer or food mill.
  2. NOODLE PREPARATION: Prepare your rice noodles by soaking them in cold water for about thirty minutes. When they’re softened, transfer to a pot of boiling water for simply a minute or 2 previously rapidly draining pipes once again. * This is my favored approach due to the fact that it avoids them from getting excessively sticky. *
  3. VEG PREPARATION: Mince the herbs, slice the serranos, and peel or julienne cut the veggies.
  4. BOWL PREPARATION: Toss the noodles (hot or cold! your option, good friend) with the sweet garlic lime sauce and all the other components.


If going sugar totally free is very important to you, please note that fish sauce includes trace quantities of sugar. Likewise alternative distilled white vinegar in location of rice vinegar for totally sugar totally free.


Fish sauce smells bad. Do not smell it, and/or do not be hindered when you undoubtedly smell it on mishap. It is SO scrumptious with all those other tastes and there is actually no great replacement unless you make your own vegan-type-fish-sauce.

Nutrition realities are for 4 portions consisting of sauce and 7 ounces rice noodles. I didn’t include any other components due to the fact that it will depend upon what you make it with.

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