Summertime Quinoa Salad Jars with Lemon Dill Dressing

Summertime Quinoa Salads with Lemon Dill Dressing! Hey there shrimp, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, feta my preferred well balanced meal preparation!

this dish

Let’s simply begin there, fine?

Since THERE is a great location to begin. It includes:

That would suffice, would not it? (I simply consumed it for lunch and I can ensure you that it is and was sufficient.)


I like it when things are a little bit more enjoyable, a little bit easier, a little bit more real-life-able. Which is why this post is really called Summertime Salad Jars.

As in, let’s put this salad right on up in a container.

Summer Quinoa Salad in mason jars for meal prep.

Do you understand what’s lovely about this? The container thing?

A) Jars. They look quite in your refrigerator, and they SUPER PRACTICAL. It’s lunch in actually 2 shakes: shake the container out, and toss everything up.

B) The tomatoes and the dressing being in the bottom of the container together and really improve and JUICIER and MORE TASTE packed the longer they being in the refrigerator. The quinoa, too it can deal with that bit of wetness from the dressing! Consider that lemony, garlicky, dill-punch of taste simply hanging out therein, providing your quinoa the royal treatment. How about a YES MA’AM on that one.

Ingredients in bowls for Summer Quinoa Salad.

I have not been a substantial advocate of container salads in the past due to the fact that I was doubtful that a lettuce salad, sitting a container with a lot of things for 4 days, would truly be a good idea to consume.

However this is not a lettuce salad. That’s why I enjoy it. It has the extra-delicious texture of a deli-style salad (you understand, chicken salad, potato salad, that example) and all of its components are durable sufficient to deal with the weekly refrigerator sit.

Summer Quinoa Salad in a jar with a fork.

And must you discover yourself doing not have for supper, toss a couple of shrimp on the grill and pop em on top of your salad, with a couple of fragile curlycue greens in there for Instagram factors.

Riiiight ?! Are we not so hot with this today?

Summer Quinoa Salad in a bowl with shrimp.

Okay, simple meal preparation. Today. Quinoa, veg, lemon dill dressing. Really healthy, extremely goals-y.

You got this! Please report back.

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Summer Quinoa Salad in jars.

Summertime Quinoa Salad Jars with Lemon Dill Dressing

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Summertime Quinoa Salads with Lemon Dill Dressing! Hey there shrimp, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, feta my preferred well balanced meal preparation!


Lemon Dill Dressing

Summertime Salad Jars


  1. Dressing: Mix all dressing components together till smooth.
  2. Grains: Prepare quinoa according to package instructions. Reserve to cool.
  3. Construct Your Stunning Containers: In each container, layer a bit of dressing, tomatoes, quinoa, cucumbers, sun dried peppers, and feta. Shop sealed containers in the refrigerator approximately 4 days!
  4. Serve: When you’re all set to serve, clear the container into a bowl. Stir to integrate. Voila!



I enjoy dill, and I never ever determine it precisely. For those who do wish to determine, I would think my “handful” amounts to a loose 1/4 cup! Very same for the parsley. This is likewise tasty made with entire wheat orzo or other prepared pasta! I like to include some complements, too additional salt and pepper, more lemon juice, fresh greens, and possibly some sunflower seeds for crunch! Yummy! You can completely include some prepared chickpeas, lentils, a piece of grilled chicken, fish, or shrimp contributed to the salad after it’s all combined (as visualized). Personally I would wait to include the chicken/shrimp till simply serving so the salad containers remain fresher for longer!

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